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Friday, August 29, 2014

Lines Numeric Fun: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad. Also, my thoughts on ripoffs.

iPhone Screenshot 1                           iPhone Screenshot 4
John Adams has created an interesting set of topology type puzzles. Look at the first image: the objective is to cover all the squares from the starting square to the ending square. Make sure you fill up all the squares and of course the 1 square must come before the 2 square. You get the idea. I did those 24 levels very quickly.

The green levels have 2 paths that must be connected simultaneously. Here's what's interesting: because there are 2 paths, there are two sets of numbers.  You don't know which numbers are for the green path and which are for the orange path. These puzzles are more difficult.

There are 24 blues levels where there are 3 paths.  The 24 yellow levels have 4 paths! Very challenging and fun.

Recently, a puzzle app developer was asking for my advice/opinion. I generally want to stay positive. However, since this game is a ripoff from, I feel I can vent. So, let's talk about the negatives. First are the ads that will interrupt your game. Beyond annoying! Turn off the wifi!  The graphics are old school. I'm not crazy about them. For example: the board does not fill up the screen. Why not take advantage of the full screen?  I also don't like the font and have trouble distinguishing a 2 with a 3. Maybe I need reading glasses.

Those complaints are really minor. I positively love these puzzles. Right now I've done 81 out of the 96 levels.
According to my fellow puzzle app blogger Nicola  this game was originally published here: and that this game is a blatant clone. That's unfortunate. It also makes me not want to complete all of the levels. Or do I?
The hard lesson for everybody who's developing a great puzzle: if your game is successful, there is a 100% certainty that you will be ripped off by cloners. There is no entity that will protect your intellectual property.

Numeric Paranoia Space Dots are similar games. The former is better. The latter is easier and more colorful.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Number Combine Puzzle: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Number Combine Puzzle is a rip-off of a pretty good puzzle called Even Up. I believe that Number Combine Puzzle has new puzzle levels. However, the author has totally taken the same graphics.  C'mon!

Play this game instead.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Game About Squares
This is an excellent online puzzle game from Andrey Shevchuk. There are 48 puzzle levels to solve. It's a little similar to Perfect Paths, which I found to be very difficult.

There are numerous puzzle apps that have been made in the past few weeks that copy every single detail. To my knowledge, Andrey has not published his own app.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coin Trick: free game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1                      iPhone Screenshot 3
Kitty Gala has created a little dexterity game that's easy enough that I can do it. The pencils move back and forth and you must be very patient to move the coin to the top of the screen.

I was stuck on level 13 and then saw that if I could get to level 17, I would shoot up the leaderboard significantly.  Couple hours later, I'm on level 56 and am at the top of the leaderboard. My parents could cared less. There are 'hundreds' of levels. So I'm going to stop right now!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Catch the Crazy Cat: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1             iPhone Screenshot 2
The description of Catch the Crazy Cat seemed good:
•When we release the "Wechat" web version of this game, in 3 days, we got 5,000,000 users and 100,000,000 visits!This is AMAZING! Thank you!
We are so happy to release the app version of the game.
•Some medias call "Catch The Crazy Cat" "The Best Puzzle Game Ever"
•The rule of the game is very simple : try to use the orange blocks to surround the Crazy Cat, don't let him come close to the edges.

This type of game has been around for ages. Who are these people calling it the best puzzle game ever? I played it twice. I'm guessing that some mathematician has done a study on this. Instinct is my strategy.!/id903976526?mt=8

Friday, August 22, 2014


iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3
Boaz Ouriel from ZigZapps recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Petals: A Brain Teasing Puzzle.  Petals is a 'slide all the tiles together' type puzzle. The object is to get the flowers to their matching squares.
iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 3
We've seen this type of puzzle app numerous times. However, Petals has some interesting new features. See the purple circle with the white curved arrow? A petal will rotate 90 degrees. Then the widget will disappear. Another widget makes the petal flip over to its mirror image.

The first 96 levels are free. I've solved them all. Although I had to use a few hints.
Within that, there's a good mixture of easy, medium & hard levels. And you can skip around - a feature I appreciate since I could not solve Daisy #11 - even though it's classified as medium. I confess, I used a hint for that one.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Click the Button: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2
Amedeo Tamburrino is the author of Click the Button which is very challenging. The objective is to get each button in a pushed-down state. If you click on yellow, then all of the yellow will change direction, some may go down, others will go up.

If you click on a button that looks like an equal sign, two things happen. If it's blue, then all the blue buttons will change.  Second, all the buttons in that row or column will shift too.
Click the Button is a serious set of puzzles. My only qualm is the color scheme with the white background. Maybe the buttons that are still in an up position could be displayed in a more pronounced manner.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fiz: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1      iPhone Screenshot 2
Nozomu Suzuki is the author of Fiz, a free puzzle app game for the iphone, ipad. The objective is to get all the discs to be either red or blue by jumping over each other. Look at the second image. See the red disc in the top right? Slide it toward the left - over the two blue discs. They will turn red.  Then slide the third red disc on the second row to the right.
An alternate solution is to turn everything blue.

What makes Fiz interesting is that you never know whether it's easier to get a red solution or a blue solution. For the harder levels, only 1 solution exists.

There are 50 levels and I'm stuck on level 45, which I'm convinced is impossible. I believe that I've tried every combination of moves. If you manage to solve 45 - send me the solution please.

8/26/14 Update: Andrew Juell,recently sent me the solution to level 45. Thanks! And now I've completed all 50 levels. I liked Fiz, but also feel relieved that there weren't too many levels. I like the sense of accomplishment.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

21 Dice: point scoring puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 1
21 Dice is a point scoring puzzle app that involves a little luck. The object is to score 21 on each of the dice. The more times you do it, the higher your score.
The first time a die reaches 21, you get 1 point. The next time, you will score 2. You get the idea.
Pay attention: suppose a die has reached 21 for the 10th time. That die will not go back to zero, it will now start at 10.
I was skeptical about this game. But I think it's pretty good. I've played it about 20 times now. My high score on the classic mode is 577. Which I think is pretty good. Right now there's no leaderboard.

Monday, August 18, 2014

TAPES - Simple & minimal, beautiful puzzle: free puzzle for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 
I got an email yesterday from my fellow puzzle app blogger Nicola Salmoria. He alerted me to this little masterpiece called 'Tapes - Simple & Minimal...' I dropped the other puzzle apps to focus on this one.
iPhone Screenshot 4
Yohei Sato is the author and he gives no rules or explanations. The pictures tell the whole story: stretch & bend the ribbons to cover all the squares. The number on each ribbon indicates how many other squares it can cover.
There are 72 levels and I solved them all. Tapes is reminiscent of Colorbind from 2010. Colorbind had a different objective and could be insanely difficult. But the ribbon concept first appeared there.
Tapes has some easy levels; others are really tough.
Without a doubt, Tapes makes it on to the List of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014.  Reminder: that list will be published in December. Great job Yohei!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Paths of Light: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

The folks at made Blockswipe last year, which I positively loved.

Recently they contacted me about their new game Paths of Light.
iPhone Screenshot 1                                   iPhone Screenshot 2

Paths of Light is a topology puzzle app game. You must swipe all the white tiles without lifting your finger. Start at the purple square and end on the yellow square. As you go over the white squares, they will turn blue.  The red squares are portals.
We've seen many puzzle apps like this before. What's different? The pink tile will shift back and forth when you land on it.  A green tile allows you to land on it repeatedly.
There are exactly 100 levels and I did them all in about 1 hour. (I've done so many of these in the past.)

There's another element to this app: remember the puzzle 100 Floors? There's something similar here. I got nowhere on the first set of doors!
Bottom Line: I like Paths of Light. But not as much as Blockswipe.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ilabyrinthe: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

  • ilabyrinte, also known as Le Labyrinthe, is a series of mazes. Your task is to get to the exit. However, at each intersection, your movements are restricted.
    There was another game very similar. It had a tank theme. This game has a lot of ads.

    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    Flip Puzzle Game: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 
    Flip Puzzle Game reminds me of the coins in a line bar bet. For example, suppose you have 3 nickels & 3 quarters: can you get all the nickels to one side by moving 2 coins at a time?
    Flip Puzzle Game is very similar. You must match the image on top by rotating - as a group - any number of sticks.
    For example, in the image shown above, the solution is to grab the 2 leftmost sticks and rotate them.
    The puzzles get tough.
    There are 100 levels and I've only done the first 21. It's a great concept, but, like the coins in a line, I don't feel compelled to solve them all.

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014

    Tentaizu: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 2
    Tentaizu is very similar to Minesweeper. The objective is to find all 10 stars. Naturally, if you see a Zero, tap all the cells around it once. If you can prove that there's a star, tap twice.

    I have not played Tentaizu much. The easy & normal levels are easy if you've already done hundreds of minesweepers before. The Hard levels - whoa - I think there's some guessing involved.

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Rubpix: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3
    Rubpix is another sliding tile puzzle. You must slide the rows & columns to match the image at the very top center.
    There are 150 levels ranging from 3x3 grids to 8x8. The concept is not original. We've seen this type of puzzle app at least 2 dozen other times. Nevertheless, the graphics are good and young puzzlers should enjoy this.

    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    Paper & Light: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2
    Paper & Light has 80 semi-dark mazes. Your task is to find the exit. You will have to use your firefly to look around. At no time can you see the whole board at once.  In addition, there is a sokoban element where you will have to move boxes out of the way. Unlike sokoban, you are permitted to move more than 1 box. 
    Of the 80 levels, I've done 6 of them. Interesting concept.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014

    Stroke!: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 5
    Puzzle app players: you know that I like topology type puzzle apps. Nicola Salmoria alerted me to Stroke! The object is to make one stroke (swipe) through the entire grid so that the colors match the sequence on top. Stroke! is similar to Chemin and Mortal Coil. It's tough!
    Look at the tiny squares on top. The first 5 are: red, blue, yellow, green, yellow. Now look at the big grid. See those red squares that are outlined? You do NOT have to start your sequence in them. However, those two must be red.
    There are 162 puzzle levels. They start out very simple with 2x2 grids. Some of the 3x3 grids get tough. There are 2 other modes in the game. Look at the second image. See the arrow? When you pass over that square, your next move is up.  See the yellow/pink curved arrows? That means that when you pass over that square, the pink & yellow outlined squares will switch to the other.
    iPhone Screenshot 4

    At first, I thought that the Curved Arrows mode was a gimmick just to remember that to do the opposite. However, some of the puzzles have multiple Curved Arrows like this: blue/yellow and yellow/red. In this situation, a red could become just a yellow, and it could then become a blue - depending on the sequence. Extremely hard.
    Each puzzle can be solved with a hint: if you choose, the first and last square will be revealed.
    I really like Stroke! Stroke! is definitely one of the Best Puzzle Apps of 2014.
    For some reason, nobody is playing it. I guess the $.99 is just too prohibitive for some folks. The author is Ryo Takanezawa. He's got some other games too. Must investigate. Fortunately, they do not have titles like Heart Attack! or Cancer!
    Read Nicola Salmoria's review

    Monday, August 4, 2014

    Swipe Dash!: free game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1
    Swipe Dash! tests your reflexes. Swipe as fast as you can in 3 different game modes. Great for warding off Alzheimer's.!/id880482693?mt=8

    Friday, August 1, 2014

    Fraud Tycoon: crazy puzzle app for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2
    I had trouble sleeping the other night and started playing Fraud Tycoon. It's a Tetris type game. I've never liked Tetris, so I don't like this either. In fact, the graphics are too old-school.

    However, I really enjoyed reading what the game was about. 'Fraud Tycoon asks players to step into the shoes of a criminal and compete for the fake currency "Bytecash" to purchase stolen credit cards and actual fraud-enabling tools to build your criminal enterprise.'

    Thursday, July 31, 2014

    Folt: update

    iPhone Screenshot 2 
    It's taken me a while, but I have finally finished all 175 levels of FOLT. This game is not for everybody because there's an element of luck involved. Regarding my high score on the Endless mode, others have surpassed me and now I'm down to 12th place or so.
    Read my previous post.

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014

    Two Dots: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 3
    If you look at the first image of TwoDots by Betaworks One, you'll think like I did: another connect the dots point scoring game.  Not exactly.
    Look at the second image. If you can get 4 yellow dots to form a square, that will knock out all the yellow squares on the board. 
    The object of the game is to solve the 130 levels. Each level will have a slightly different objective. For example, you may be given 20 moves to somehow eliminate 15 yellow dots and 15 red dots. The key strategy, almost always, is to get those square chains, which can be difficult.
    At the moment, I'm on level 105 or thereabouts.
    Is there a Candy Crush element to TwoDots? Yes, but because there is a lot of randomness and invitations to purchase more lives.
    When I run out of lives on TwoDots, I switch to Folt, until I run out of lives on that game.
    Both games have a much better than Candy Crush.
    TwoDots is fun!

    Monday, July 28, 2014

    International Puzzle Party

    I've received a bunch of emails regarding The International Puzzle Party. Here's the deal: it's a semi-secret organization that meets once a year. I'm going. I cannot reveal the dates or the location.

    If you wish to become a member......well, that's a puzzle in itself. Can you figure out how to get an invitation?

    Friday, July 25, 2014

    Monsters: Survival of the Fittest: online puzzle game

    A couple of years ago I played/solved all of the Cannibal Monsters challenge levels. It's a bit like peg solitaire where one Monster must be left.

    In Cannibal Monsters - the physical game, and now Monsters Survival of the Fittest, the objective is the same. The rules of how one monster eats another is based on colors. A bit too awkward to explain without images. The last few days BlogSpot has been giving me a hard time with this.

    Suffice it to say, just about everything Raf Peeters does at Smart Games, is challenging and fun!  Last month I reviewed their update of Titanic.

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Sword & Penguin

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2
     Louis-Nicolas Dozois recently contacted me about his action puzzle app game Sword & Penguin.
    As a puzzle game, you must move blocks around a la sokoban. Some blocks must be pushed onto blue buttons to maneuver the blue walls downward. Same for the red & green buttons/walls.

    Other puzzles: you will need to push ice blocks onto the squares that have fire.  I should mention: the object is to first collect the key, then collect the egg. Other obstacles: the electric grid which must be turned off.  Some electric fields toggle on/off every second or so. So you must time your penguin accordingly.

    Other features: some squares have cracks. You can traverse over them once, after that, you will fall to your death. Igloos: be careful bumping into them because polar bears will emerge very quickly.

    The action part is the polar bear who roams around. You must avoid him. He walks randomly. Sometimes he throws snowballs at you across the grid.
    Level 2-10 has a very Pac-Man feel to it. Since I was never good at that game, I skipped that level.
    Once you get to level 33, which is Chapter 3, level 1, you will want to get finally pick up the sword in order to kill off the bears.

    There's a lot to like about Sword & Penguin. Puzzle-wise, they're not very difficult. But the action element adds to the fun. There are 160 levels.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    Kindly Colors: puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 5

    Yan Fauriat contacted me recently about his point scoring puzzle app game Kindly Colors.
    The object is to group adjacent colors by themselves or in pairs of colors to get points.

    Look at the second image How to Play: you may group purple with red or purple with blue, but never all three at the same time.
    iPhone Screenshot 2
    See green plus in the third image? If you can group that with some green/blue or green/yellow, then it will eat up all the cells in the column and row.  Now, do you see the red vertical line just under it? Getting that will only eat up the column.

    This took me a while to get: if you swipe the longest possible chain on the board, one of the new tiles will be a plus sign. 

    My top score is 3900 which puts me in the top 20% of players on the Game Center. When your game ends, you can buy more moves. Which means that you can buy your way to the top.

    Still, I like Kindly Colors and will play it some more.

    Update 7/25/14:
    A note from Yan: Just as a precision regarding the quote: "When your game ends, you can buy more moves. Which means that you can buy your way to the top."

    Since the update 1.0.1, the "continue/more moves" option is free. Meaning the scoring competition is perfectly fair.

    From me: I keep playing this game and cannot top my high score!

    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    Hexxy: board game for iphone, ipad

    iPad Screenshot 1

    Tim Derebenskiy contacted me, not recently, but a while ago about his board game Hexxy. It's very similar to an old game whose name escapes me.  The object is to acquire more spaces than your opponent.  There's an Othello feel to the game.
    iPad Screenshot 2

    Here's what I particularly like about Hexxy: there are different board shapes. Also, you can play against somebody, or you can play against the computer.

    Tim is still in high school!

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    G.O.A.T. - Mow it up: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 5
    Lena from Yellow Dot Mobile recently contacted me about their new puzzle app game G.O.A.T. - Mow it up.

    It's a topology type game. Your goal is to draw a path of carrots on the grid so that the goat will cover the whole field.

    We've seen this type of puzzle app game numerous times. Here's what's new and very good: The final square will be one of 4 objects: a boot, sandal, tire or fish bone.

    There are over 200 levels. I did the 40 Easy Summertime levels pretty quickly. But I did get stumped a few times. G.O.A.T. is a good game!

    Tuesday, July 15, 2014

    Numberino: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2
    Mikhail Mitrofanov is the author of Numberio, a puzzle app game that looks a bit like Thress! and 2048. It's different.

    The object is to slide numbers up/down/right/left and combine them with each other and then match the number in the white square.

    Look at the third image. See the instructions in English? When I downloaded the game, my instructions came in Russian. No matter, the pictorial rules are straight forward.

    You must slide the tiles and combine them to enter the white square. You can slide in all directions. However, the value of the tile which you are sliding will decrease in value. Look at the fourth image. See the 4? If you slide it down, it will become a 2, because it went down 2 squares.

    iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4

    I did the first 25 levels. They get hard!

    Monday, July 14, 2014

    SpinIn: puzzle app game

    iPhone Screenshot 3
    David Tzur recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game SpinIn. I actually play tested this game 4 years ago:  when I had my ipod touch device. David says that this is an improved version. I thought the old version was terrific.

    The object of SpinIn is to tilt/swipe the pieces in 4 directions until the gem can find the exit. It's sometimes possible that another piece will slide out the exit first. This may be advantageous. It may also make it impossible to get your man out.

    These puzzles are extremely well designed and quite challenging. Right now I've solved the first 60 levels.

    Let's talk money. You can play the first 24 levels for free. After that, you must either wait a certain amount of time, or pay to get instant access.  This will happen every 12 levels. Very similar to the Candy Crush model. I am all for ios game developers asking for money! My sense is that it should be a one time shot of $1.99. Just my opinion.

    Without a doubt, SpinIn is one of the best puzzle apps of 2014.

    Update 7/25/2014

    I have solved up to level 70. Stuck on 71.

    David sent me an image of level 90, which I can't upload. It's a 4x3 grid and the minimum number of moves to solve it is 30.

    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    Stickets: update

    Good news and bad news about the point scoring puzzle app game Stickets.

    You may recall that I became the second highest scorer of Stickets.

    My first blog entry:



    I showed the game to my father last year and he's been hooked. He plays the game very slowly and super carefully.  When he's in a jam, he puts it down for a few days until he's got 100% concentration.

    About 5 months ago, my father got a good start. He's been on that 1 game, still alive and kicking, all this time.  A few days ago he overtook me and became the #2 high scorer.  Would he overtake the #1 scorer? 

    Tragedy struck: while recharging his ipad, the program did not save his game. Very mysterious and unfortunate.

    I told him to download Folt and give it a try.

    Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    Colors Mix: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

    iPhone Screenshot 1
    Colors Mix is a very hard game. Your task is to clear the board of all colors. 

    When the game starts, the 4x4 grid will be partly covered with primary colors only: cyan, yellow and magenta. You may move a color to an adjacent  white cell. Or you may combine it with a like colored adjacent cell. That's good. Or you can combine it with a different color to get a secondary color.

    See the blue squares with asterisks? The asterisk signifies that it's a secondary color. If you combine them, they get annihilated. Only secondary colors get annihilated. That's how to achieve your objective.

    After you make two moves, a new primary color will pop up some place. Hopefully to your advantage. I played 1 game for over 30 minutes and got nowhere! Why? Because you can line up your colors just right, but that new color pops up exactly where you don't want it.

    Finally, today, I solved it!  It took 268 moves and just over 6 minutes.  I'm very happy!

    Oh yes, I should also mention that that was the easiest of 3 levels. The other 2 levels are basically the same, just harder.

    Give Colors Mix a try. I need your opinion as to whether it should join the list of Best Puzzle Apps of 2014.