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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

TRUEChallenge - new mechanical puzzle

I just got this new mechanical puzzle at the NY Toy Fair.  The object is to spin the top hemisphere and the bottom in order to get all the magnets to be attractive to each other.

There is 1 turning axis.  Like the old Master Ball puzzle. 

The magnets are neodymium super strong. Designed by Ilya Osipov. This won an award at the International Puzzle Party 2 years ago.

When the layers spin along the equator the magnets go back and forth depending on the attraction. It's fascinating to watch the magnets move so quickly.  This puzzle has a great tactile feel.

According to a reliable source, Ilya says that a 'hard core' version will come out in 3 months.

As it is. I think this version is a bit too easy. I don't want to give it away though.  The title of the puzzle does not feel right. Something more descriptive would be more catchy.  Maybe:  The Crazy Magnetic Hemisphere Challenge.

The packaging is perfect.

This world needs more twisty puzzles.

Is it possible that all the magnets will repel?  I'm not sure.

Reminds me a little of the Turbo Mind Twister.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

SwipeTrix by Rakshak Kalwani FREE

SwipeTrix comes from Rakshak Kalwani. The object is to move Your Man, the rainbow square, to pick up the jewels without crashing into the death squares.
Harder levels include picking up a key first. Of course there are wormholes.

Look at the last image.  See the yellow thing on the bottom right? It travels in the opposite direction Your Man travels. He must be destroyed by crashing into him.

The graphics are very good.  The action is speedy.  100 levels. I did them all in about 90 minutes.  Some are tricky.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Shapecraft by Gamezaur $1.99

 Shapecraft comes from Gamezaur. It's a minimalist puzzle. Which means that the rules are never explained. Essentially, it's a packing puzzle and the dots on the pieces must fit onto the dots on the grid.
There's a lot to like about this game.
1. The graphics are outstanding.
2. Level 51 introduces a new concept: some blocks can change color.
3. Some colored pieces, say blue, are not directly connected, but they travel together.
4. The images show just dots, however there are also squares & triangles.
5. When the pieces are outside the grid, they're easy.  But when the pieces are on the grid, shifting them around can be a very crowded job. 
6. There are 84 levels, I did them over 2 days.  This is a very relaxing puzzle. A winner.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Bubbles Pop 3D by Anatoly Maximov FREE

Bubbles Pop 3D comes from Anatoly Maximov. The object is to tap out all the balls connected by color.  Reminds me of Flood-It, from long ago.

This game is extremely colorful. But after doing maybe 10 levels, I didn't really see a challenge.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Destroy Blocks by KAYAC Inc.

Destroy Blocks comes from KAYAC Inc. The object is to fire the torpedoes in the correct sequence to destroy all the blocks.

Love this concept.  But I see only 4 levels.  Hopefully they'll be a fix.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Cup Puzzle 3D by bugra bayrak FREE

Cup Puzzle 3D comes from bugra bayrak.  The object is to stack all the cups.

1. The Red Cup is Your Man.  As Your Man travels from space to space, he flips.
2. The arrow: slides Your Man 1 space without flipping.
3. The yellow circles: flip Your Man
4. Multiple Red Cups: travel in the same direction. Be careful, one may travel while the other pushes a blue cup over the edge.

There's no information about how many levels exist.  I've done about 30.  Not too hard.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sort It 3D by Oz Maharshak FREE

Sort It 3D comes from Oz Maharshak. The object is to sort the balls by color into the cans.

I've done about 10 levels. This game is too easy.  Strictly for kids.  The reviews that were posted were mostly very positive.  But I'm deleting this.

Monday, January 6, 2020

2048 Stack by RedLine Games FREE

2048 Stack comes from RedLine Games. The object is to place the random cubic numbers at the bottom of the screen onto the 4 stacks.  Hopefully, you'll reach 2048.

I played this game once.  It's actually not bad.  But I was very annoyed that I could not undo a blatant mistake.
Also, there's no Leaderboard, which this game desperately needs.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Orixo Wormhole by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

 Remember Orixo from last year? The Logisk Studio has a sequel called Orixo Wormhole.  The object is to fill the entire grid by sliding the numbered tiles according to their values. This is a very polished game.  The graphics are crisp & colorful.  The challenges are fun. The price is right too. Though there are ads.
There are 128 Easy levels. I did half of them very quickly.
There are 128 Medium levels. Again, I did half.
There are 64 Expert levels. At the moment I've done 45.
There are 32 Insane levels. I've done a few.

Similar Games
Drop Pocket  from 2017
Zhed from 2017

Thursday, January 2, 2020

WoBoRoW Rock-paper-scissors puzzle

 Mikko Hannikainen recently contacted me about his new puzzle game WoBoRoW.  Essentially, it is a 'Rock-Paper-Scissors puzzle on a grid.
I was not able to download this on my ipad.  So I played it on my phone.  This game is tough!  I've only solved about 10 levels. 

There are 4598 levels. This is a big no-no. A great game should have 100 levels.  200 at most.

Other Games with a Rock Paper Scissors Theme:

Puzzle Janken came out in 2012
R.P.S. 25  came out in 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2019

ColorFold 2 by Martin Pluisch $.99

ColorFold 2 comes from Martin Pluisch. Last year he published the first version ColorFold.  I really liked it. 
 There are 150 levels.  They are much much harder than the original game.  I only solved 47 levels.
All the levels are split into 9 Acts.  So I got to sample the various elements.

If you're a Ribbon Puzzle fan, add this to your device.

Other Ribbon Puzzles
Ribbons Puzzle Game
The Weaver
Ribbon Puzzle
TAPES - similar to Colorbind. Excellent
Woven - easy
Colorbind - the first of its kind. Genius
Twisted Lines - very hard
Spreadset Easy til you get to level 7 or 8

Solitaire Logic by Mark Mainwood FREE

Solitaire Logic comes from Mark Mainwood,  The object is to place the 9 cards in the grid above by using the clues at the bottom.  It's very similar to ThinkFun's Chocolate Fix.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game by Andrea Sabbatini FREE

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game comes from Andrea Sabbatini. Andrea has a long history of publishing very good puzzle apps.

In this game, the object is to place 1 tree in each park, each row and each column.

On the harder levels, each park, row & column will have 2 trees. This concept was expertly done in Twin Beams from 2012. Sadly, that game is no longer available (But it's still on my ipad!)

Parks Landscapes has 1000 new levels spread out over different landscapes.  I prefer the desert landscape.

Also by Andrea:
Park SeasonsHedgehog GardensPark Seasons

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Frog Tactics by Guillaume Danel

Frog Tactics comes from Guillaume Danel. The object is to place arrows and jumping points to make the frog hit every square and then land on the red spot.  
We've seen this type of game many times before.  But I do like this game.   Level 12 was challenging because even though the grid was small, there were 3 sets of wormholes.

Of the 60 regular levels, I've solved 45.  The game allows all users to create their own levels and share them. At the moment, there are 360 of those.

Very interesting: you must place directional arrows or a jumping icon on various tiles.  There is also a 'go back 3 steps' move.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

inbento by Lukasz Spierewka $2.99

inbento comes from by Lukasz Spierewka. It's a food puzzle. I believe that every mother has said to every young child: Don't Play With Your Food!

The object in this game is to lay the tiles at the bottom onto the grid to match the image above.

Look at the tiles on the bottom right for both images.  Those arrows show that some pieces will have to shift.

I've solved 76 of the 108 levels.

Lukasz: good game!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

SNIKS by Shelly Alon $2.99

SNIKS comes from Shelly Alon. It's another snake game.  It's fantastic. 
 The object is to wriggle the snakes around until their body rests on the colored targets.
1. Wormholes. We've seen this many times before. Maybe the first time in a snake game.
2.Combining Colors: 2 snakes with different colors must overlap on the targets.
3. The Plus Sign increases your snake by 1 unit.
4. Snakes are sometimes monochrome, sometimes not.
5. Snakes usually travel 1 unit at a time. Unless you're near the end, and don't stop until they hit a wall.

There are 110 levels. I've solved about 85 levels.  Stuck on #57

Shelly: fantastic job.

Other Snake Puzzles: all winners.
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Eat A Way
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Monday, December 23, 2019

Bloku by Abdullah Firat FREE

Loyal Blog Follower David Cole sent me an alert about Bloku.  The object is to swipe rows piece by piece off the screen.  This brings stray cubes down.  When a cube hits the top of the board - it's game over.

I did not want to like this game!  I've never been a fan of Tetris. However, this point-scoring game is much better than it appears.

One night, my score was about 8500, when I went to bed mid-game.. In the game was erased.  Ever since, I have not been able to crack 7000. I've become a little obsessed.

Other Point Scoring Games Worthy of Your Time (Some are no longer available.)
Four Straight Lines
Nineout II
BeeCells Lite
Kindly Colors
Domino Drop
Put Number
Triple Town
Kindly  Colors
Virus Pop Smash
+1 Number
4 Way Puzzle

Friday, December 6, 2019

Embergram by the Gillespie Brothers FREE

Embergram comes from Matthew, Bryan and Jacob Gillespie.  Their game is very very similar to Thermometer puzzles.  (More Thermometer Puzzles).
The object is to burn the matches so that the number of embers in each row/column matches the numbers on the sides.

Each section has relatively easy levels with straight matches only.  As the matches get curvy, they get more interesting.

What could be better: there should be an element that marks squares that cannot be burnt!

There are 12 levels for each grid size: 4x4 to 12x12.  I've spent a lot of time on this game.  The 12x12 levels take about 20 minutes.

Gillespie clan: you guys rocked this.
Developer website:

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Sudoku Octangles: Numbers Game by Amr Hassan FREE

Sudoku Octangles: Numbers Game comes from Amr Hassan.  The object is to place the numbers in the spaces to form a Latin Square (very similar to sudoku).
There are two game: Sum and multiplication.  The little numbers in the grid are either the sum of the surrounding 4 numbers or the product.

The grid sizes go from 3x3 to 9x9.

According to the Leaderboard......practically nobody has played this game.  I think it's pretty good.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Chromoblox by Dan Bravender FREE

Chromoblox comes from Dan Bravender. This game is very similar to the card game SET. The object is to clear the board by selecting 3 tiles that are all different or are all the same.

Important: the selected pieces can only come from the bottom of the columns.

Look at the first image. Legal move: the green heart from bottom of column 1, then the blue triangle from column 1, then the red circle from column 5.

I don't know how many levels there are.  I'm guessing I've done about 25.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Thinking Putty Puzzles from ThinkFun

 Thinking Putty Puzzles is a finalist for Toy of the Year Award in the Specialty Category.
 ThinkFun is one of the best puzzle companies in the world.  I was asked to create the challenge puzzles for their new game Thinking Putty Puzzles.  The concept is easy: connect the two yellow points, and the two blue points, etc, without crossing lines. Previously, I made similar puzzles for under the titles Lab Mice Puzzles and Find Your Way Gnome.
 However, in this version, there are bridges, which allow for some crossing of lines.
When's the last time you played with putty?  The putty was re-invented by Crazy Aaron.
Reasons to buy:
1. It's fun.
2. Makes for a great gift for nieces/nephews/grandkids.
3. My royalty checks will increase with your purchase.

Amazon: buy it here and/or read customer reviews

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Halloween Cryptical Puzzle by Calum Davidson FREE

 The Halloween Cryptical Puzzle comes from Calum Davidson. The object is slide the red and green tiles to free the key.  When the key gets to the slot, you win a gold coin.
There are 13 levels and I've solved 4 of them.  I really like this puzzle.  It would make for a great cylindrical version of Rush Hour.   Hey Calum: really good job. 

Read this article about Calum.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

A Long Time by COTTONGAME $.99

 A Long Time come from COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd. They made Isoland which I reviewed earlier this year. 
Their new game is similar to Blockwick, which I reviewed back in 2013.
The object is to shift the rectangular shapes to create a path for the ribbon to go from left to right.

There is a story behind it: a puppet who is in love.  It's very poetic & philisophical. Probably all lost on me.  There are 30 levels, so it's a short game.