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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cubicks Free by Marcelo Pars Free

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Cubicks Free comes from Marcelo Pars. The object is get tap on the gray cubes and create a Latin Square on each fact.  That is: each row and column must have 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 blue.

There are 1000 levels split into Easy, Medium, Hard and Evil.

The graphics are outstanding. There are little cracks between each square and if you maneuver the cube just right, you'll see the colors on the opposite fact.

The Easy levels aren't so easy.  Took me a few tries to get the hang of them.

Things to change.
1. Instead of 1000 levels, there should be 100.  At the most: 200.
2. Instead of the program randomly choosing a level, the user should see a map of which puzzles have already been done and choose accordingly.

Those are minor complaints.  Cubicks Free is great.

Akari 3D is not the same as Cubicks Free. But it also has an outstanding cube interface.

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