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Monday, March 30, 2020

Room Escape: 50 rooms I by S.henzhen Zhonglian Hudong FREE

Room Escape: 50 rooms I comes from S.henzhen Zhonglian Hudong.  
 It's very typical of the 100s of other room escape games published on the App Store.  Look around, pick up things, find clues, open drawers, lift up pillows etc.
 The game offers a few free clues.  To get more clues: watch some ads.
I went through 17 rooms in about 1.5 hours.  There is absolutely no plot.  I thought that it was unlikely that I would finish this game.  However, I did end up finishing the game in about 5 days. I did use the free clues a lot.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Zip Chip Sports

 Back in February I attended Toy Fair 2020 at the Javits Center in NY.  The guys who invented the ZipChip were kind enough to give me a sample. They also gave me a sticker that's very similar to the logos of the NBA and Major League Baseball.
 Prior to this, I had seen a video ad on facebook. I made a mental note to buy one.
The ZipChip is much easier to throw than a frisbee.  I cannot wait to go outside and throw this around.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The New York Puzzle Party 2020

The Zen Puzzler has a great blog. In this entry, he summarizes this year's NYPP.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Color Crush Puzzle by Ola Nilsson

Color Crush Puzzle comes from Ola Nilsson. The object is to tap on 1 or 2 of the circles, which will then fire bullets at the other circles, with the end result that all circles get destroyed.

We've seen this type of game numerous times in the past.  What's different? Diagonal bullets.

I've played about 20 levels.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

RECIPRO Sliding Box Puzzle by Masahiro Nakahashi FREE

RECIPRO Sliding Box Puzzle by Masahiro Nakahashi.  The object is to organize the numbers in order by swapping the circled number with an adjacent number.

The 2x3 grids go very very fast.  The 3x3 and 4x4 grids are obviously more difficult.

The best part of this game is the Battle Mode. This sets you up with a random player to see who can solve it faster.  This is an essential part of the game in order to graduate from the 2x3 grid and the 3x3 grid.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Untie the knots - Art of ropes by kun feng FREE

Untie the knots - Art of ropes comes from kun feng.  The object is to swap tiles in order to create loops among the colors.
This game is very similar to Hexa Knot which I reviewed in 2018.

According to the Leaderboard, only 61 people are playing this game.  I'm number 8 with 35 knots solved.  Only 1 person has solved all 111 knots.

This game is well done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Road Puzzles by Mark Currie FREE

Road Puzzles comes from Mark Currie. The object is to move the cars to their parking spaces.

Along the way, cars must go to the car wash, pick up gold coins, grab passes in order to open gates etc.
One of the fundamental elements is changing the direction of your cars.

I was not expecting to like this game.  But it's got a certain charm. The graphics are great.  The steamroller just goes back and forth and requires patience to move your car.  Look at the last image: a a spaceship acts as a wormhole by transporting your car to a new location.

I believe there are 100 levels. I've done about 80.  At this point, each level takes a solid 5 minutes, so I'm taking a break.

In terms of difficulty, this is perfect for younger puzzlers.  Still, every puzzle designer should at least check out the graphics.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Grids of Thermometers by Frozax Games

Grids of Thermometers comes from Frozax Games.  I reviewed this game about 4 years ago.  It's been updated and is much better.

The object is to fill the grid with mercury (red). It's very logical, fun and addictive.  Embergram (see link below) is very similar and very cool.

I've spent a lot of time on this game.  One of the best features is the clock. Can you solve an 11 x 11 grid in 5 minutes?

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Woody 99 - Sudoku Block Puzzle by Athena Studio FREE

Hello Fellow Puzzlers!

It's time that I got back into writing this blog. At this very difficult time in the world: we should at least find some time to play puzzles, right?

Woody 99 is only available on the app store. Sorry Android users.  It's a point scoring game recommended to me by someone who attended last month's New York Puzzle Party.

I was very skeptical about Woody 99. We've seen this type numerous times.  But I do like this.

The object is to score points by filling up rows/columns and the 3x3 grids.
1. Points are awarded for fitting pieces anywhere.
2. 10 points for completing a row/column or grid.
3.  If you can do two at the same time: 10 points for the first, 15 for the second and then, maybe 5 points if the piece you placed had 5 tiles.
4. Consecutive turns: 10 points for the row/column/grid. 15 points for the next turn. 20 for the one after that.  The longest streak I've gotten was wither 4 or 5.

Woody 99 requires patience! Which is something I lack.  Nevertheless, I did get one phenomenal score that put me in the top .1% of the leaderboard.  But I think I can do better.

Update 3/23/20: my high score is 14,582 which puts me at #369 on the Leaderboard our of 785,985 players.  I really must stop playing this.

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