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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thermometers - a puzzle set to play on your laptop

Thermometer Puzzles are very similar to Battleships. 

What's different? The thermometers that are partly filled: they must always get filled from the bulb outward. (Perhaps there might be some young puzzlers out there who have never used a mercury thermometer; digital is much safer.)

There are 38 puzzles and after doing the first 5 online, I decided to print the rest so I could draw big X's on the squares that could not possibly be filled.
I solved almost all of the easy puzzles. Then got stuck on the medium levels!

Love these.

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  1. Just so you know, I actually help moderate that website. And just so it's clear, we have many puzzles on that site that aren't just Thermometer puzzles.

    The site is best played in Java on Firefox, in my opinion, though you'll have to go into the Java Settings on your computer to allow it to play. Alternatively, you can also use the beta HTML5 interface, though I don't recommend this for certain genres.