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Monday, January 28, 2019

1234 Number logic puzzle game by MagicAnt,Inc

 1234 Number logic puzzle game comes from MagicAnt,Inc. The object is to connect all the numbers, while figuring out where the missing numbers go.
This type of puzzle has been done using hexagonal grids. I have a booklet of those and they're called Rikudo.

Regarding this particular puzzle: there are 100 levels (more coming soon). I solved them all very fast. They're too easy.  Definitely good for youngster puzzlers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Spectre Mind: Rotating Cube by Spectre Limited FREE

Spectre Mind: Rotating Cube by Spectre Limited. It's a game that tests your memory and your spatial reasoning.  The game flashes 2 or more ghost tiles. Memorize their location. Take as much time as you need for that. Then tap the screen and the ghosts will disappear and the board will either rotate or flip over. Can you find the ghosts?
I have not played this game very much. But it does seem fun.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Smack - The Puzzle Game by Ai Ayatsuji FREE

Smack - The Puzzle Game comes from Ai Ayatsuji. The object is to slide the balls along the grid to knock out other balls. If you can end up with only 1 ball, you've won.

This game is extremely similar to Fling!  Long term Loyal Blog Followers will remember this from 2010 when I first reviewed it.

I even posted an update.

So I just redownloaded Fling!  Smack is okay, but the graphics are just nowhere near as good as Fling!  Both games are free.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Color Rings! by Sphere Game Studios

 Color Rings! comes from Sphere Game Studios. We've seen this type of game in the past several times, but not in a while.  The object is to tap on any ring, which will fire 1 missile in each direction, setting off a chain reaction.
The red rings need to be hit once.
The orange rings need to be hit twice.
Yellow 3 times
Green 4 times.
Purple 5 times.

The essential point in this puzzle is which rings to tap. Then do trial and error. 

There are 100 levels.  I did the first 25 in about 10 minutes. I'm around level 40 now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tangled Networks by Timothy Dayman FREE

Tangled Networks comes from Timothy Dayman. When I saw the images, I thought it might be similar to Subway Shuffle. It's not.  Tangled Networks is actually a speed/reflex game where the object is to untangle the colored cords one by one before time runs out.
This is definitely an interesting game.  I like the graphics too.
Odd: I've done level 23 5 times, but the program is not giving me any stars and is not letting me go on to level 24.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Algemy 2: All Gemmy by Kenny Young

 Algemy 2: All Gemmy comes from Kenny Young. He produced another version of this early last year and I liked it. See my review.
The new game is much the same. Except it now has 140,000 levels.  I like this game.  But 100 levels is probably enough.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Glowing Balls - a ripoff

Do you remember the game Leapin' Lizards from Binary Arts (now known as ThinkFun)?

Glowing Balls by Saud Ahmed is an exact copy of this game.  Not surprisingly, it has exactly 40 levels.


1. Leapin' Lizards is no longer available. But you can play a free version of this via Glowing Balls.
2. Is Saud Ahmed going to pay Larry Nichols royalties?

Poor Larry Nichols invented a 2x2x2 version of a twisty puzzle. Erno Rubik later invented a 3x3x3 version.  Nichols sued and lost. 

There's no way Nichols will sue Saud Ahmed. Primarily because Saud Ahmed is not going to make any money off his game.  He's only making money from ads.  Which won't amount to much.

See for yourself:

Friday, January 11, 2019

Block Slide - Puzzle Game by Hubert Jolly FREE

Block Slide - Puzzle Game comes from Hubert Jolly. It's a point scoring puzzle app game. 

His description: Slide the red box and push the other blocks to form a line and clear them up. The more blocks you clear, the more points you get! Challenge and compete against your friends to become #1!

It’s harder than it sounds! Be the first to reach 200!

My thoughts: it took me a while to understand the rules and score any points.  After I scored 30 points, I thought: that was great. But according to the Leaderboard, not so good.  My high score is 150.  This game can definitely become addictive.  Unfortunately, it has ads

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Kakuro++ Cross Sums by Chaviro Software FREE

 Kakuro++ Cross Sums comes from Chaviro Software.  I've been a fan of Kakuro since 1989 when it was called Cross Sums.

This particular game has 1430 levels in 11 categories of difficulty.

It's free and there are no ads.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bits & Pieces - Word Puzzle by Matthew Wood FREE

Bits & Pieces - Word Puzzle comes from Matthew Wood. The idea is to find 2 letters that slot into the 2 partial words.  Do that 5 times and discover a 10 letter new word.

I like this game. It's free!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Untangle • by Aman Kapoor FREE

Untangle comes from Aman Kapoor.  It's a 'minimalist' game of puzzles where the object is to send diamonds along paths to their final destinations and hopefully not make them crash.

1. The sequence is vital.
2. Some diamonds move in pairs.
3. Some diamonds can only travel on an odd or even move counter.

I completed all the levels a few days ago. Not sure how many: maybe 40.

Unfortunately, I cannot open the program anymore!  Nor can I access the itunes link! So I cannot post any pictures.

If this game becomes available again, give it a a shot.  It's free.

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