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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Three new twisty puzzles

Recently I ordered some new twisty puzzles from  Here's the first batch.

QiYi Duomo Cube Pyraminx Magic Cube - Black  Link  $6  This puzzle comes from Justin Eplett. The internal mechanism is a skewb. I used my pyraminx algorithms to solve it.  Kind of easy. Very attractive design.  Even cheaper price here.

JS Eagle-Eye Magic Cube  $5  Link  This puzzle is similar to Smart Alex from 1992. If you can solve Smart Alex, this one's a no-brainer. 

Shengshou Magic Tower Magic Cube  $5  Link  I was overthinking this!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Bambubbled by Parker Crist FREE

Do you remember ColorTrek from 2016? It was a color maze game that started out very simply and quickly became incredible complicated. Unfortunately, it seems to be no longer available. Bambubbled from Parker Crist is very similar but different.
 The goal is to move Your Man, the bubble, to the star. Below the grid you will notice either 2 or 3 rectangles. Those rectangles will fill up with the colors that you acquire by landing on the squares with dots. If your rectangles are red and blue, that means you can land on red and blue squares.  However, the rectangle colors keep changing as you land on new dots.
Bambubbled has 100 free levels and 6000 additional levels for $1.99.  I'm paid up!  I've been doing the 3x3 expert levels. In the 100+ levels that I've done, the number of steps is between 13 & 16.  Some of them: I thought they were impossible.

Parker: keep up the great work.

Logisquares is Parker's very good puzzle app from 2013. It's no longer available.

Friday, July 17, 2020

500 days in a row

Flow Free Bridges really is an outstanding game.  I've been playing it for a really long time.  The stars on the right mean that I solved each level using the minimum number of moves.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game $1.99

 Loyal Blog Follower Daniel contacted me about a month ago about Newton's Cradle Puzzle Game.
 It's a 'minimalist' game. This means that the rules are never explained. Theoretically, I shouldn't describe them, so I won't. I'll just say this: it has mysteriously vanished from the App Store. But it is on Steam - a platform that I've stayed away from.
There are 32 levels and I'm stuck on #19. I think I've tried every permutation of moves!

The graphics are a bit out-dated. But that's not important here. The levels have been designed with utmost care.  I don't know who made it either! He/She/They did a great job.

7/16/2020: Addendum: this game is available
The author is Peter Hijma.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Words for a bird: A little word puzzle game by Bart Bonte FREE

Words for a bird: A little word puzzle game comes from Bart Bonte. At the bottom of this page is a list of his games that I've played. I'm a big fan of Bart's.
The object of this game is to complete the sentence with the missing words. The letters below the tree will spell out the word. But not all the letters are necessary.

It's a very cute story. Kind of short.  And besides, it's free.

Other Bart Puzzles: 
Factory Balls - excellent
Boo! - a mini sequel to Factory Balls
Blocky XMAS - fun and at times hard

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lonely Line Puzzle by Marcelo Pars FREE

 My puzzle friend Marcelo Pars has come out with Lonely Line Puzzle. The title is a bit sad, but the puzzles are interesting.  The object is to rotate the hexagons and pentagons to form one continuous loop.
Marcelo has explored this genre in depth. See the list of his other games below. What's particularly interesting in this game is that I don't recall another game using hexagons and pentagons. Also, some of the loops have two different strings to connect.

'Only 32 puzzle pieces give 892.616.806.656. combinations.' Fortunately, each level has 3 free hints. 

There are 100 levels.  I've solved about 6 levels. They are not easy. However, this game is so much easier than his last game One Line Weekly.

Keep up the good work Marcelo!

Marcelo's other games
Save Planet Cube
Cube Loop
Cubicks Free
Cage It
Loop Loop

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