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Friday, July 20, 2018

Kubos. by Abel Galvan FREE

Kubos. comes from Abel Galvan.  It's a 3D maze game.  The orange block will travel until it hits a wall. The puzzle is solved when the red button is hit.
 There are 40 free levels and 40 paid ones.  I solved the free levels pretty quickly.  I struggled on level 34 (4th image).
I particularly like the puzzles that have 2 orange blocks and 2 red buttons.

Good job Abel!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

supertype by Philipp Stollenmayer $1.99

 supertype comes from Philipp Stollenmayer. All of Philipp's games are clever physics puzzles with wondrous charm. The object in this game is to type specific letters so that when they fall, they crash into the correct targets.
There are 111 levels. At the moment, I've done about 50 levels.  Some of the solutions made me laugh. This game is to be savored.

Some of Philipp's other games

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Slide Puzzle. NikSan Tech FREE

Slide Puzzle. comes from NikSan Tech. The object is to slide the numbers to their correct spot.

Green tiles are good. Red tiles: need to be shunted around.
There are 500 levels, which is way too many.  I've done about 75 levels.

If you're the type of puzzler who is looking to solve while making the fewest moves, this game is for you.

Relaxing game. If you want more of a challenge, look for Subway Shuffle.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Solve - Decrypt Logic Kyung-Hun Kim FREE

Solve - Decrypt Logic comes from Kyung-Hun Kim. It's one of those games where each level is a completely different puzzle. Can you figure it out. Hints are available.
I don't know how many levels there are.  The concept has been done before. Still, it's interesting.

Friday, July 13, 2018

logi. by ÇİZGİOFİSİ $.99

 logi. comes from ÇİZGİOFİSİ. At first, it seems like another laser/rolling ball, with mirrors/bumpers, maze puzzle. But it's much more and very cool.
The blue bumpers can be rotated.
The red bumpers can be rotated, but once the ball taps that bumper, it disappears.
The orange squares are basic walls. Unless there's an X inside. If that's the case, it will act as a red bumper after being hit.
The gear bumper rotates 90 degrees after it's hit.
The green bumpers are dotted on one side, solid on the other.  If the ball approaches on the dotted side, it will pass through as if there is no bumper.
The orange square with the double arrow: when it's hit, will advance 1 space in the direction of the arrow.

There are 70 levels, at the moment.  I've done all 70.  Not impossibly hard. But definitely tricky clever.

Great graphics. Great job.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rolling Bolts - Logic Puzzles by LÖVLUND INNOVATION AB FREE

 Rolling Bolts - Logic Puzzles  comes from LÖVLUND INNOVATION AB. It's a gear puzzle where the object is to rotate the sections to match the rims.
1. All the gears are connected.
2. Each gear can rotate in either direction. A key element to solve is changing the direction in between moves.
3. The fewer moves, the more stars to accumulate.
4. The big gears move once per move.  The smaller gears move two steps for each move.
5. The smallest gears move 5 spaces. In essence, they're really just moving 1 space, but in the opposite direction.

I like this game.  However, there are ads. Also, I had accumulated a certain number of stars to open the next section.....and mysteriously, my stars were gone and I had to start over again. Another problem: you have to swipe across a gear to make it change direction. Unfortunately, when doing so, you might actually tap it and make a move. This happens more on the tiny gears.

I like the concept. The graphics are okay.  But it's not clicking with me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hexa Knot by Michal Gorny FREE

Hexa Knot comes from Michal Gorny.  The object is to swap tiles so that all the edges match and various loops are formed.

There are 500 levels broken into grid sizes of Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, and Huge.

I've been cruising through the Tiny levels. Fast and fun.  The Small levels are not that small!
I've also done a few of the 'Huge'.
Hexa Knot is very relaxing.

Well done Michal.

Monday, July 9, 2018

turn, by Adem KAYIRCI FREE

 turn, comes from Adem KAYIRCI. I like this puzzle developer.  See links to his other games below.  The object in this game is to get the arrows to match the image above.
The puzzle is similar to Rubik's Clock where turning one arrow will turn its neighbors in the opposite direction.

There are 3 modes, each with 60 levels. In the first mode: all the elements are straight lines. As a result, there are only 4 positions for each space. I've done 52 levels.

The second mode: each element is an angle that opens and closes. Each element has 8 distinct positions.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle by Maria Vegas Gallego FREE

 Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle comes from Maria Vegas Gallego. The object is to transport the different colored water faucets to the matching fountains.
 What makes this game particularly interesting is that the elements can be stacked.
 There are 250 levels, of which 150 are free.  On the 50 Easy levels, I definitely struggled on the last 5. I'm stuck on #50.

 Right above this text is level 6 from the Mix set. Right below is the solution.

The graphics are great. The hidden pipes in the blocks definitely add a good 'aha' piece. The puzzles are challenging but not overly so. I'm doing the Mix levels now. A few a day. Give it a try.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Real Life Escape Room

We've been traveling in the Lone Star State and pulled out of a Walmart to find a storefront called The Great Escape of Corpus Christie.  We were lucky that one of their 3 rooms 'The Heist' was available.

The Heist 
Pierre De La Vie, considered to be “The Stone of Life,” is the most coveted stone in the whole word. The Pierre De La Vie was thought to have been lost for centuries.  The precious stone has finally been found and is now on display in a private collector’s museum. The first team has already gone in and disabled the security system for sixty minutes.  Now it is up to you and your team to go in and finish the job! Will you succeed?

We stole the gem within 60 minutes. Actually, they gave us some bonus minutes because we were so close.

The proprietors have explicitly asked that we not reveal anything.  But, we can say this: it cost $85 for 3 people, which included the promo codes. The puzzles incorporated a wide variety of genres. 

The set was decorated superbly.  It felt like being in a movie. The Hot Rock from 1972 comes to mind.
During the game, we were in walkie-talkie mode with the game facilitator who offered us hints if we needed them.  We did!  Afterwards we debriefed and they were a little surprised that we didn't ask for a specific hint. Reason: there was a mechanical puzzle that I knew very well. I think it's in my collection.

The ending had us laughing and we left with big smiles. These folks have 2 more escape rooms and hopefully, we'll do another.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Voro! by Abstratum FREE

 Voro! comes from Abstratum. This is the company that produced Voro - 100% unique and addictive from 2013. The original game is a masterpiece in computer programming and wondrous gameplay. I can't believe I never reviewed it.
The new game works exactly like the original but points are mysteriously awarded.
Complaint #1: the game does not save your position for another time.
Complaint #2: there's no leaderboard. 

My score of 120,000 took about 1.5 hours to play. Which is really complaint #3 because a good point scoring game shouldn't go past 30 minutes.

Stick to the original. But you'll probably want to down this too. Fantastic graphics. New Game Original Game

Monday, July 2, 2018

maze cube gravity by Adem KAYIRCI $.99

maze cube gravity comes from Adem KAYIRCI. The object is to get the red cube to the target. Each time the maze is tilted clockwise, the gray segments fall all the way down.
 It's not terribly hard. But there's an element that's very important for some levels: once you swipe the red cube on its way, it won't stop until it reaches an intersection or a square region that is bordered by a white line and a gray line. It will stop in a region bordered by 3 white line segments.
Once you've done 10 levels, you've pretty much done them all.  The other 67 levels are more of the same. The grids get a bit larger. There are some traps to avoid: the 2x2 regions where Your Man will keep rotating in an endless circle. 

The last 10 levels were easy.  Definitely worth $.99.

cohex is another game from Adem which I really liked. I did finally complete all the levels of this too.