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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Real Life Escape Room

We've been traveling in the Lone Star State and pulled out of a Walmart to find a storefront called The Great Escape of Corpus Christie.  We were lucky that one of their 3 rooms 'The Heist' was available.

The Heist 
Pierre De La Vie, considered to be “The Stone of Life,” is the most coveted stone in the whole word. The Pierre De La Vie was thought to have been lost for centuries.  The precious stone has finally been found and is now on display in a private collector’s museum. The first team has already gone in and disabled the security system for sixty minutes.  Now it is up to you and your team to go in and finish the job! Will you succeed?

We stole the gem within 60 minutes. Actually, they gave us some bonus minutes because we were so close.

The proprietors have explicitly asked that we not reveal anything.  But, we can say this: it cost $85 for 3 people, which included the promo codes. The puzzles incorporated a wide variety of genres. 

The set was decorated superbly.  It felt like being in a movie. The Hot Rock from 1972 comes to mind.
During the game, we were in walkie-talkie mode with the game facilitator who offered us hints if we needed them.  We did!  Afterwards we debriefed and they were a little surprised that we didn't ask for a specific hint. Reason: there was a mechanical puzzle that I knew very well. I think it's in my collection.

The ending had us laughing and we left with big smiles. These folks have 2 more escape rooms and hopefully, we'll do another.

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