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Monday, October 18, 2021

mf8 Fish-shaped Skewb $10


The 3rd image shows a normal Skewb puzzle.  The first image shows the 'Fish-shaped' Skewb.
The second image shows some kind of modern art when it gets scrambled.

This puzzle is extremely disorienting and I can't imagine anyone solving it without having solved the regular skewb many times. 

The 6 big squares on a regular skewb correspond to the 6 big corners on the Fish-Shaped.  The 8 corners on the regular skewb correspond to the 6 equilateral triangles plus the 2 small corners.

This puzzle is terrific.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Moyu Skewb Box cube $2.00


Above is a normal Skewb Puzzle.  Below is a skewb variation.

This rectangular shaped skewb leads to very disorienting shapes.  

How to solve: Look at a normal skewb and notice that there are 8 corners.  They correspond to the 8 equilateral triangles in the Box cube.

A normal skewb as 6 big squares or centers.  They correspond to the 4 big double triangles plus the 2 big squares at the end.  

If you've never solved a regular skewb before, don't start with this!

This puzzle is also known as The Container and it was invented in 1998 by the great Tony Fisher:

This puzzle is a little gem.