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Friday, August 6, 2021

Chessformer by Nam Nguyen Sy FREE


Chessformer is free and simply must be played!
Chessformer comes from Nam Nguyen Sy. 
From the App Store: Chessformer is a puzzle game . Having the best qualities of chess, Chessformer offers a grid-based board game experience using the familiar chess pieces you know and love. These pieces move as expected, but they fall down after moving and can't move again until they have stopped falling. The goal in each level is to capture the opposing king. But don't worry about losing your pieces to the king, who is lazy and never makes a move. Are you ready to be the latest chess prodigy?
There are 24 levels and I've done 23.  Stuck on #24!
Seriously, Chessformer is FUN. Lots of 'aha' moments.

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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Parks Cantica ∞ by Andrea Sabbatini


Andrea Sabbatini recently contacted me about his new game Parks Cantica.  I've been playing his puzzle games since 2014. That's a long time in the puzzle app world.
In this game, the object is to place 1 tree in each park so that no tree is touching another in any direction and that each row & column has exactly 1 tree. For the larger grids, each park, row & column should have 2 trees.
The concept for this game is old. Twin Beams was an app that had some 5000 levels. Sadly, it's no longer available.

Parks Cantica has 120,000 levels!  At the moment, I've solved 89 levels. I know! At this rate I might finish in 2041.

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