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Friday, January 19, 2018

Chessumo by Murray LLC FREE

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Chessumo comes from Murray LLC. It's a point scoring puzzle game.  All pieces can attack any other piece.  Points are scored by pushing pieces off the board, just like in sumo wrestling.
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Pushing 1 piece gains 1 point.
Pushing 2 pieces gains 5 points.
3 pieces nets 14 points.

After your piece makes a move, it is dead and can no longer move.  Unless, another piece pushes it within the grid, but not off the board.

It took me more time than I care to admit, that I figured these rules out.

At first, I did not like this game. Then I saw a monster score on the Leaderboard and tinkered more.

Chessumo definitely has an element of luck. Bad luck often comes when pawns and bishops appear.  However, this is a very solid game.  At the moment, my high score is over 500.

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