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Friday, September 28, 2012

Gemibears: point scoring puzzle app

Gemibears is a point scoring puzzle app. Tap on 2 bears that have opposite colored halves to make 1 whole bear. The bears must be adjacent.

Also, you may slide rows across and columns up and down in order to get 2 specific gemibears next to each other.

Gemibears is a fun game - for kids.  Right now I'm more interested in this company's true puzzle app, which I'll write about later.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

ManyMoves: free puzzle app for iphone ipad

My friend Sjaak Griffioen from the Netherlands created ManyMoves - an interesting puzzle app that is free for the iphone & ipad.

At first, I thought it was similar to some other puzzle apps: slide the rows & columns to make a pattern. That's been done at least 10 other times.

However, ManyMoves gets much harder. Tap on the edge of 2 neighboring pieces and they stay in place, but flip 180 degrees.

Tap on the corner intersection of 4 pieces and they rotate.
I have played ManyMoves at the easy level - it's easy.  At the hard level - I got stuck with 3 pieces that had to be flipped, rotated and swapped. Crazy hard!

ManyMoves is definitely worth downloading.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eleminis: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Eleminis is a game that is very similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors. The difference: this game has 5 Elements.  Look at the tutorial.

You are given an element to play, one at a time. Swap it with something weaker. When you get all 5 elements in a row, that row will turn yellow.

The object is to get the whole board to be yellow.

This is a very interesting, great concept. The only problem is trying to memorize which element beats which. You can always click on the i icon for that chart.

I found that to really play this game, you'd need another screen. Or copy the rules on some paper.

There is a Lite version. Give it a try.

Eleminis is better known as a card game.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

iCell The Game: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

The object of iCell is to solve a series of different types of puzzles by moving your cell that resembles a sperm cell.

The first objective is to get it food, then to fertilize an egg, then to protect the zygote from predators.  The next level is to avoid sliding bars.

The tricky thing is to manipulate the cell. That's a bit tricky.

This game/puzzle is very weird. Perfect for somebody in a mental ward.

Monday, September 24, 2012

SquareA Free: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

SquareA is a point scoring puzzle app from Smileypop.  You are given 3 tiles at a time and must place them in the grid to match tiles already on the board.  All tiles have just 2 colors. Except for the center tile which has 4 tiles. The game starts with that tile.

In terms of scoring, if you can get a large area to match, it creates a large scoring combination.

I've played SquareA about 5 times. I have not analyzed the game completely. For example, I'm still unsure about the scoring rules. Also, I'm not sure if there is an equal distribution of colored tile combinations.

SquareA is a free puzzle app. Give it a shot!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Casland Games: mechanical puzzle review

Casland Games has produced two terrific sequential movement bead puzzles.

Many years ago I got the Hungarian Rings, which I believe was the first bead sliding puzzle. Fun. Rubik's Rings was identical but incorporated a twist so that the rings, instead of being flat, were almost perpendicular. Essentially the same puzzle.

One of my favorites of this genre is The Orb. Great mechanism.

Enough history.

I just got Casland Games' 3 intersecting rings. It consists of 3 colors and some clear beads that must settle in the middle. First of all, the puzzle is big. The beads are big. They slide perfectly. 

I have the version of 3 intersecting rings. I've solved it several times.

I'll write more about this next Friday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deja Vu HD: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Check out this eyeball. Great artwork.

Deja Vu HD is a super fast version of that old card game I played when I was 5: Concentration.  I didn't think I'd like this version.  But I  do.  Here's why: the tiles turn over very briefly. Maybe .3 seconds.  The object is to find all the matches within the given time.

I've solved all the free levels - 16 of them. After that you can pay for the next 64 levels.

Deja Vu HD is surprisingly fun.

Lab Mice Puzzles: in NYC

Kidding Around is a fabulous toy store that now sells Lab Mice Puzzles. Their store on 15th St off 6th avenue carries it.  Unfortunately, their other store at Grand Central Terminal does not.

Lab Mice Puzzles used to be sold in a cardboard box, but it's now sold in a fancy tin.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pile: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Pile comes from the makers of SEQ, which is a terrific, fun puzzle app.

Pile is quite different. The object is to drag tiles down, in groups of two, down to the grid. Try to get 3 of the same color in a row or column to score points.

You only have a certain amount of time, so hurry!

Click here to see a 1 minute video demonstration.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dedale: puzzle app for iphone, ipad Review

Dedale is a series of challenging maze topology puzzles. The object is to turn the white squares into a color by tracing a path over each square exactly once.

Harder levels: some squares must be passed over twice.
Interesting element: some of the tiles are rectangles.

I've played different versions of this type of puzzle before: Numeric Paranoia comes to mind. Dedale has 100 levels. Right now I'm stuck on level 49.

The most important thing: Dedale is fun and challenging.

Sergey Mohov is the developer. Click here.

Monday, September 17, 2012

World's Largest Hand-Drawn Maze

Today's Wall Street Journal has this interesting article.

The journalist had the good sense to interview Adrian Fisher who is one of the world's most prolific maze designers.

Charaku: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Matthew Laird recently contacted me about his puzzle app Charaku. It is essentially sudoku. Instead of numbers or letters, you get colored Characters. Can you figure out how Matthew came up with the name?

Perhaps you're teaching your son or daughter to play sudoku....they might prefer this version.

The easy levels are super easy. The hard levels appear hard. Though I have not play tested them.

Charaku is a free puzzle app, so give it a shot.

Click here for his website.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How dedicated a puzzler are you?

One of my 'followers' is Matt Hastings. He sometimes emails me to alert me to puzzle apps I may have overlooked. Such was the case recently when he told me about a puzzle app called Nightjar, which is only available in the UK.

Matt has set up Apple accounts in the USA, Australia and the UK, to ensure that he can get every good puzzle app.

At first, I felt bad that I couldn't download Nightjar. Then I remembered that there are about 225 new puzzle apps every week and I don't have enough time to scrutinize them all - though I try.

Matt's stragegy: 'I originally set up my US account so that I could download the Scrabble app, which wasn't available in the UK. I had to put in a full address including ZIP code, but as I've never been to the US I had to make one up so put my address as 1 Hollywood Boulevard, LA 90210! I had to include a phone number too so just googled the ZIP code and used the first business number that came up. I've no idea if this is legal or not, but as I'm not using it to stream TV or anything, I can't imagine I would get into much trouble for it!'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This eyeball is awesome!

The object of the puzzle is to use some of the letters to form a common phrase.
The solution to the puzzle on the left: cliff hanger.

SeeWhatIC is good word/picture puzzle.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

World's Hardest Game 2: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

The World's Hardest Game 2 is a coordination dexterity maze. As you move the solid blue square to its home, the solid red square will move in the opposite direction.

Pick up the purple stars. Avoid the red lines which are stationary or moving back and forth or up and down.

There are 72 levels. I've done the first 15.

Click here for the web page. Note: if you're trying to find this on the app store, do a search for 17th pixel.

This puzzle app is just plain fun!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Pop Pro: free puzzle app for ipad, iphone

Color Pop Pro is a point scoring puzzle app. Click on a square that connects horizontally & vertically to same-colored balls. They will disappear, you will score points and you are given a strict time limit.

My high score after playing for about 45 minutes is 4152. I'm in the top 5%. However, the high score is 24,000.

Color Pop Pro is a free and fun puzzle app.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vubu: puzzle app for iphone, ipad Review

Vubu is interesting and tough! The object is to move the tiles onto the blue square.

Sliding 1 tile in any direction will make all the other tiles do the same.

Those are the regular 'Nomad' tiles. The 'Blind Man' tile won't move unless a Nomad is next to him. The 'Wise Man' will not fall off the grid. The 'Stone Man' and 'Dragon Man' have their own rules.

Vubu has a lite version that includes just 10 levels. You will be challenged.

I bought the full version for $1.99. Right now I'm stuck on levels 13 & 14. I am humbled.

Does Vubu make it onto the list of Best Puzzle Apps of the year? I think so.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

One to 100: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

One to 100 is very similar to the classic puzzle the Knight's Tour, where the objective is to move the knight to every cell on any n x n chess board.

For this game, the rules are different. If you want to go vertically or horizontally, you must jump over 2 squares. If you want to go diagonally, you must jump over 1 square.

This game reminds me of another puzzle app from about 2 years ago. It's buried here in this blog of 650 entries.

To find this game on the app store, type in One to 100 not 1 to 100.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Engram: puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Engram is a strange puzzle app. The object is to connect similar colored neurons, and then score those points by touching a white neuron.

The scoring system is really weird.  Watch this demo and then maybe you can explain it to me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shadow Slide: puzzle app for kids

Shadow Slide comes from Gordon Dove. The object is to slide around the silhouettes that are not blocked, until you find the desired object.

This is quite unusual. It's like looking in a shoebox filled with children's toys to find something.

Monday, September 3, 2012

NineOut: update on this puzzle app

For about a month, I was the top point scorer of NineOut. I've been looking over my shoulder via the Game Center. Somebody from China has been closing in.

A few days ago I received a friend request via the Game Center: my challenger was reaching out to me. Then I checked NineOut: he has taken the lead.

His name is in Chinese characters, so I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Nevertheless, I salute him!

Cube Bust: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

Cube Bust is a point-scoring puzzle puzzle app. Draw zigzag lines to connect colored cubes to score points. You are given a time limit.

Cube Bust was made by Yuyan Chow.

Hey, it's a free puzzle app.