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Thursday, September 27, 2012

ManyMoves: free puzzle app for iphone ipad

My friend Sjaak Griffioen from the Netherlands created ManyMoves - an interesting puzzle app that is free for the iphone & ipad.

At first, I thought it was similar to some other puzzle apps: slide the rows & columns to make a pattern. That's been done at least 10 other times.

However, ManyMoves gets much harder. Tap on the edge of 2 neighboring pieces and they stay in place, but flip 180 degrees.

Tap on the corner intersection of 4 pieces and they rotate.
I have played ManyMoves at the easy level - it's easy.  At the hard level - I got stuck with 3 pieces that had to be flipped, rotated and swapped. Crazy hard!

ManyMoves is definitely worth downloading.

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