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Thursday, June 27, 2019

blue (game) by Bart Bonte FREE

 Bart Bonte is back with another puzzle app game.  That's always a cause to celebrate.  blue (game) follows his theme of color games. See links below to my reviews of yellow and red. (I just discovered that black came out last year and I missed it.)
blue (game) has 50 levels. Each level is completely different from each other.  On some levels, I'm not exactly sure what I did to fill the space all up with blue.

I solved all 50 levels in a few hours.  I did consult the hints on maybe 5 levels.

Other Bart Puzzles:
Factory Balls - excellent
Boo! - a mini sequel to Factory Balls
Blocky XMAS - fun and at times hard

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Non Puzzle

Puzzlers: I gave another speech at my school recently, about being a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Number Chain - Logic Puzzle by Ecapyc Inc. FREE

Number Chain - Logic Puzzle comes from Ecapyc Inc. It's the same game as Numbrix, popularized by Marilyn vos Savant in her column in Parade Magazine. 
I've played this game about 5 times.  I did notice that there are multiple solutions to some puzzles. But that's okay.  This is a fun game and it's free.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Netting - puzzle about Dots by Oleksii Kudriashov FREE

Netting - puzzle about Dots comes from Oleksii Kudriashov.  The object is pretty clear from the images: find a connection between the start/end points for each color without overlapping.
However, things get complicated.  There are bridges where an intersection can take place.

Also, sometimes a midpoint of color is given. But which of the 3 blue points is in the middle?

I've been stuck on level 36 for a long time.  There are no hints. No answer key. 
This game is much better than I anticipated.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Magnet Brick by zhan lian FREE

This Puzzle App Blogger is back at work (play).

Magnet Brick comes from zhan lian.  The object is to tap on the correct sequence of blocks to attract the other blocks in order to match the final objective.
 What's not shown in the images is the objective for each level. To see that, one must tap on the magnifying glass on the bottom.
 Magnet Brick is definitely an interesting game.  There are over 100 levels.  At the moment, I've completed 45 levels.