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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Squares - impossible puzzl‪e by Christopher Hermann FREE

Squares - impossible puzzl‪e comes from Christopher Hermann. This game is GREAT.
The object is for the Pink Man to pick up the pink stars and the Green man to pick up the green stars etc. However: the Pink Man cannot travel on the pink squares. But when he travels over the green or blue squares, those squares become pink.  Similar rules apply to the Green Man and the Blue Man.
There are only 40 levels, but that's perfect. I've solved all but 5 levels.

This game reminds me of two other gems that were previously publishing on this puzzle app blog. But I don't recall their names!

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch $13

There's a new trend in the gaming industry: cooperating so that everybody either wins or loses.

The rules of The Mind are very simple: each player has the same number of cards. Cards are numbered from 1-100 with no duplicates.

Suppose there are 3 people and it's Round 5. Therefore, each person is dealt 5 cards and together, without talking or making any sign language, the group must discard their cards in ascending order.

No spoilers here!  This game is absolutely fun.  

The company is Pandasaurus Games. I have not seen them at the NY Toy Fair. Hopefully, I'll run into them there in February. The company is based in Austin, TX - one of the coolest cities in the US, except for the summer months.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Threes - Update

Alan Hazelden recently tweeted about the game Threes! It's now on Apple's 'Arcade'. 
Threes! truly is an exceptional point scoring puzzle app.  It's terribly addictive. Multiple times, I've had to delete it, to get my life back.

After it came out, a slew of clones emerged, almost all of them called 2048.  Many had slightly different rules. But none could match Threes! The graphics were far superior.

When it first came out the rules of Threes! were slightly different. Back then, the next card was either blue, red or a 3 or a 6.  Now, sometimes the next card can be much higher. I believe it can be as high as 1/8th of your highest card on the board.

Alan's games:

Cosmic Express  2018 Free version with ads  $5.99 (I'm guessing this high price is to entice users to do the Apple Arcade monthly deal.)

Monday, April 5, 2021

Hexa Slitherlin‪k by FTSix Studios FREE

Hexa Slitherlink is the hexagonal version of Slitherlink. The object is to create one closed loop so that each number indicates how many links are adjacent to it.
There are 300 levels. I've done 50.  It's fun and it's free.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Slitherlink - Classi‪c by FTSix Studios FREE

FTSix Studios has produced a slew of puzzle apps recently.  Slitherlink - Classic is an old game. The concept is at least 20 years old.  The object is to create one chain link so that each number in the grid indicates how many links touch that particular square.
Many years ago I bought a book of these puzzles in Japan.  The puzzles were fine......but this game needs a good pencil/eraser.  Therefore, a computer version is far superior.

The grids start very small.  I solved 136 levels. That's probably enough for now.