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Friday, January 31, 2020

Shapecraft by Gamezaur $1.99

 Shapecraft comes from Gamezaur. It's a minimalist puzzle. Which means that the rules are never explained. Essentially, it's a packing puzzle and the dots on the pieces must fit onto the dots on the grid.
There's a lot to like about this game.
1. The graphics are outstanding.
2. Level 51 introduces a new concept: some blocks can change color.
3. Some colored pieces, say blue, are not directly connected, but they travel together.
4. The images show just dots, however there are also squares & triangles.
5. When the pieces are outside the grid, they're easy.  But when the pieces are on the grid, shifting them around can be a very crowded job. 
6. There are 84 levels, I did them over 2 days.  This is a very relaxing puzzle. A winner.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Bubbles Pop 3D by Anatoly Maximov FREE

Bubbles Pop 3D comes from Anatoly Maximov. The object is to tap out all the balls connected by color.  Reminds me of Flood-It, from long ago.

This game is extremely colorful. But after doing maybe 10 levels, I didn't really see a challenge.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Destroy Blocks by KAYAC Inc.

Destroy Blocks comes from KAYAC Inc. The object is to fire the torpedoes in the correct sequence to destroy all the blocks.

Love this concept.  But I see only 4 levels.  Hopefully they'll be a fix.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Cup Puzzle 3D by bugra bayrak FREE

Cup Puzzle 3D comes from bugra bayrak.  The object is to stack all the cups.

1. The Red Cup is Your Man.  As Your Man travels from space to space, he flips.
2. The arrow: slides Your Man 1 space without flipping.
3. The yellow circles: flip Your Man
4. Multiple Red Cups: travel in the same direction. Be careful, one may travel while the other pushes a blue cup over the edge.

There's no information about how many levels exist.  I've done about 30.  Not too hard.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sort It 3D by Oz Maharshak FREE

Sort It 3D comes from Oz Maharshak. The object is to sort the balls by color into the cans.

I've done about 10 levels. This game is too easy.  Strictly for kids.  The reviews that were posted were mostly very positive.  But I'm deleting this.

Monday, January 6, 2020

2048 Stack by RedLine Games FREE

2048 Stack comes from RedLine Games. The object is to place the random cubic numbers at the bottom of the screen onto the 4 stacks.  Hopefully, you'll reach 2048.

I played this game once.  It's actually not bad.  But I was very annoyed that I could not undo a blatant mistake.
Also, there's no Leaderboard, which this game desperately needs.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Orixo Wormhole by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

 Remember Orixo from last year? The Logisk Studio has a sequel called Orixo Wormhole.  The object is to fill the entire grid by sliding the numbered tiles according to their values. This is a very polished game.  The graphics are crisp & colorful.  The challenges are fun. The price is right too. Though there are ads.
There are 128 Easy levels. I did half of them very quickly.
There are 128 Medium levels. Again, I did half.
There are 64 Expert levels. At the moment I've done 45.
There are 32 Insane levels. I've done a few.

Similar Games
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

WoBoRoW Rock-paper-scissors puzzle

 Mikko Hannikainen recently contacted me about his new puzzle game WoBoRoW.  Essentially, it is a 'Rock-Paper-Scissors puzzle on a grid.
I was not able to download this on my ipad.  So I played it on my phone.  This game is tough!  I've only solved about 10 levels. 

There are 4598 levels. This is a big no-no. A great game should have 100 levels.  200 at most.

Other Games with a Rock Paper Scissors Theme:

Puzzle Janken came out in 2012
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