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Friday, May 12, 2017

ZHED by Ground Control Studios FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1
Zhed is from the team at Ground Control Studios. (I'm guessing they're fans of David Bowie.)
iPhone Screenshot 3
The object of Zhed is to build a path to the white square. It's a bit like plank puzzles, but not exactly because once the path has been laid, you can't pick it up to reuse.

Look at the 2nd image, which is level 21.  The solution: the bottom right 4 shoots to the left. That allows the bottom 3 to move up. Because it travels in front of that middle 4, that middle 4's path gets extended just enough to cross the 4 at the top.  The 4 at the top comes down, just in the path of the 2, which can then reach the white square.
iPhone Screenshot 5
Many levels: I've struggled thinking that the solution is to move up or down Lexington Avenue. Only to realize that the true path was to move west on 34th street.

There are 100 levels and I aim to do them all. At the moment I'm stuck on level 36.

Zhed is fun and free. Download it now.

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