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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sync Maze by Hangzhou Qingguang Network Co., Ltd. FREE

Sync Maze comes from Hangzhou Qingguang Network Co., Ltd. The object is to get Your Man/Men to their targets.  All tiles slide together as far as possible. 
I cruised through the first 30 levels very rapidly.  The next 30 too more effort and I did not get 3 stars for each level.

Altogether there are 240 levels. Which is 140 more than ideal.

Sync Maze has very good graphics and is a pure puzzle.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Math | Riddles and Puzzles by Saltuk Emre Gul

Math | Riddles and Puzzles comes from Saltuk Emre Gul. There are 60 levels of finding math patterns and sequences.  

At the moment, I'm stuck on level 30 which reads as follows:
126 = 76
132 = 32
208 = 58
261 = ?

Never mind, I just got it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pinball Color by Spaceloom Studios AB FREE

Pinball Color comes from Spaceloom Studios AB.  There are some 50 levels with all sorts of objectives.
I spent forever on level 23 and watched in disbelief that my solutions were not working.  Until, it magically worked. 

At the moment, I'm stuck on level 34, which is the second image.

Other Pinball Apps
Pinball Sniper
Pinball Star
Pinball Breaker

Monday, April 15, 2019

Orixo by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

Orixo comes from Logisk Studio Inc.  The object is to cover the entire grid by swiping the numbered tiles in any direction.
Do you remember Zhed from 2 years ago? It's similar, but not quite the same thing.

There are 160 levels and at the moment, I've solved about 110.  This game is highly polished, fun and not too hard.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Topsoil by Nico Prins FREE

 Topsoil comes from Nico Prins. Technically, it's another 'match-3' puzzle.  But it's far more sophisticated.  Your task is to place 3 plants on the grid, and then do some harvesting (scoring points).
1. A single square can be harvested.
2. Better to harvest a group of plants - provided their base is the same: either blue, green or yellow.
3. Suppose you have 4 fuzzy balls connected, but only 2 have a green base and the other 2 have a blue base.  You only can collect 2.
4. After harvesting, a green base will become blue, blue becomes yellow and yellow becomes green.
5. There's an important multiplier factor.  Which essentially gives this game a gambling element. Should I collect my 5 wheat now, or hope for more?
6. The Big T's (not shown in the images) will whither and blow away after 3 rounds. Of course, there are times when they must be harvested.

My thoughts
1. The key to getting a high score is to not gamble! 
2. When the T's start coming, that's when it's safe to gamble.
3. If you play the game a lot, birds will be added to your crops and those birds will increase your harvest points.  Theoretically, this is a great.  However, I've played this game a lot!  And I still have not earned the right to get birds in my pine trees. I'll need another month to earn birds for my oaks.

This game cannot be played quickly. Reminds me a bit of Bee Cells.

There's a $3.99 fee to remove ads.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Knight's Tour Puzzle by Carlos Magan FREE

Knight's Tour Puzzle comes from Carlos Magan.  The object is to place your knight on the board and move to all the squares exactly once.  Carlos has done a great job of introducing interesting shapes.
A true story: 30 years ago I was sitting in a pointless grad school class. The fellow next to me introduced this puzzle to me. The 5x5 grid.  Loved it.  The class seats were arranged in an open rectangle.  I always waited for the professor to sit first. Then I would sit on the same side, as far away as possible.  The class was stupid and pointless! But required. (Like a lot of education courses unfortunately)  I attended every class for 14 weeks. And did these Knight's Tour puzzles.  I solved all the grids from 5x5 to 15x15.  And proved that all nxn where n>4 is possible.

I wrote 2 papers and got a B+.

There's more to the story of how bad that professor was. You'll have to ask me in person for the rest. But don't we all have stories of boring/meaningless classes?

Friday, April 5, 2019

SudoCubed by Highway North Interactive Inc. FREE/$.99

SudoCubed comes from Highway North Interactive Inc.

Edges are matched from adjacent faces.

I only did the 1 free level.  What I like: there's a button that will highlight all the mistakes.

Other Innovative Sudoku Puzzle Apps
Kropk'i Sudoku  This is really a Latin Square with a couple of innovative ideas. It plays fast.
Quindoku Same as Logi5Puzz
Logi5Puzz  Same as NumDom. But NumDom has larger grid sizes.
Spindoku is totally different, but still very cool.
Hi-Lo Sudoku is one of my favorite variations.
Cryptdoku I played it so long ago, but it's cool. Long gone from the App Store.
Stimko Gold - outstanding version of squiggly Sudoku.  Handcrafted puzzles.
Kakooma - interesting for about 3 levels
RollDoku - never even solved 1 level, so hard
Cohabit- played this on my ipod touch - before ipad was invented
FlowDoKu - one of my favorites. Will not delete this.
Sudoku Mine combines Sudoku with Minesweeper
Sudoku Killer  combines Sudoku with Kakuro. I've spent a lot of time on this one. I can do the easy levels in about 10 minutes.
3Doku - a cubic version of Sudoku
Pokergreen Puzzles - a poker version of Sudoku
Star Sudoku
Sudoku Maze
Sudoku Spin
Sudoku Sweeper

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Split Puzzle by Feng Gao FREE

Split Puzzle comes from Feng Gao. The object is to split the yellow shape into 2 or 3 pieces that will then fit perfectly onto the dark shape above.

1. Shapes can never have less than 2 units.
2. What's never clear: is how many divisions are allowed for each puzzle. Sometimes it's 2 or 3.
3.  If the dark shape has 2 squares with 2 white lines: that means the shapes that fit over them must have the same # of units.
4.  If the dark shape has 2 squares with 3 white lines: the shapes that fit over them must be identical.

There are over 100 levels.  I stopped at level 43 because there was clearly a glitch in the program. I tried to contact the developer, but was unable. So I did the next best thing and reported this glitch in the review section on the App Store.

This game is quite good!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Across: Word Puzzle Game by Victor Grachev

 Across: Word Puzzle Game comes from Victor Grachev. The objective is to connect the fragments to form words that fit together.
 The words are tied together along a central theme.
At first I thought this was too easy. It does get tricky.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Colour Chess by Mipmap FREE

Colour Chess comes from Mipmap.  From the App Store: A colourful reimagining of traditional Chess, this is the mobile version of the award-winning and Mensa-nominated tabletop game Colour Chess.

It focuses on skill and creativity rather than studying set openings, as you use the colours to force and trap your opponent with a game that is different every time.

Simple to learn for beginners, yet strategically deep enough for Masters. 
I have not play tested this game.  But I find this game intriguing.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cubesc: Dream of Mira by Cagri Gecin $.99

Cagri Gecin recently contacted me about his newest game  Cubesc: Dream of Mira. This is the second game in this type. (Read my review of his first game Cubesc here.)
The objective is the same: get Mira, to traverse all of the squares and end at the goal.
Many of the features of the first game are also present in this game.
There are wormholes.
Platforms can materialize and shift.
The artwork and music are very nice.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hexagon Line by xiaolie ren FREE

Hexagon Line comes from xiaolie ren.  The object is to stretch the black lines to create new nodules and match the image above.
It's a fun little game. Not hard.  There are 600 levels and I've done about 50.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Red Ball Out by Abdulrahman Alharbi FREE

 Red Ball Out comes from Abdulrahman Alharbi. The object is to slide the red ball until it hits a wall and eventually reach the exit.
There are 132 levels.  I've done 36. Not too hard.  Good for young puzzlers.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Loop Loop Puzzle by Marcelo Pars

Loop Loop Puzzle comes from Marcelo Pars. The object is to rotate the individual curved pipes to form closed loops.
 The images tell the whole story.
This game is very similar to Marcelo's other game Cage it. But it seems that Loop Loop is more artistic.

There are 200 levels. I'm nowhere close to being done. This is a good game to relax to.

Marcelo's other games
Save Planet Cube
Cube Loop
Cubicks Free
Cage It

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

boul:karé by Studio Laganne FREE

boul:karĂ© comes from Studio Laganne.  The object is to get the blue circle and blue square to gobble up the diamonds.
 Tap once to activate the blue circle and swipe in any direction.  Tap again to activate the blue square.
There are 55 levels. They're not too hard.  And they go pretty fast.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Hatch..! by Abhishek Malpani FREE

 Hatch..! comes from Abhishek Malpani. The object is to slide the colored eggs to their nests.  Moving an egg to the wrong color: game over.
I've solved about 80 levels.  Not hard. They go very fast.  Definitely check out the list below if you like this genre.

Similar games (this list is incomplete):

Movez  Pretty much the same as Block Mania but it has 1680 levels. I've solved 592 of them. That's probably enough.
Frozen Ice Cubes  What's different: there's a point of 'no return'
Escapology, reviewed by Nicola Salmoria. He told me about this game ages ago. I played it and enjoyed it, but never blogged about it.
Block Mania Similar to Movez
Move Puzzle - A Funny Strategy Game, Matching Tiles Within Finite Moves 
Zink - color merging and locked doors.
Vubu What's different: the vubu men have different powers. Very sophisticated, very intelligent. Possibly the very best in this genre.
Move: A Brain Shifting GameUnmind
Puzzle Dots Game
Box Home Love to play Hexagonal grid
Find the Way
Cube Puzzler

Monday, March 18, 2019

Kube Keeper by Jeffrey Supit FREE

 Kube Keeper comes from Jeffrey Supit. It's a sokoban puzzle.  The object is to push the blocks one-at-a-time onto the spots.  Then pick up some stars and get to the exit.
It's been a while since we played a sokoban puzzle.  Kube Keeper has 100 levels.  I solved them all in about 2.5 hours.  These puzzles are in the medium difficulty.  If you've done a lot of sokoban as I have, see list below, this game is really just to pass the time.  Nothing significantly new.

Other Good Sokoban Puzzles
A Good Snowman is Hard to Build Charming
Go to Gold - superb
Go to Gold 2 - I hope a third version comes out.
Pepe Porcupine
Sokoban Cargo
Push Box Sokoban
Push Around
Boxed In - loved this. First in a series of 4.
Pengu Push
BoxWorld - awesome. I still remember struggling through levels 26 and 35 for days.
Fireman Arcade
Paper & Light
Square Push Square
Professor Max
Puzzling Cubes
DJ Mole
Sokoban Evolution 
Test Chamber - brilliant
Duck Roll surprisingly very good
Color Labyrinth - excellent 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Gorogoa by Annapurna Interactive $4.99

Gorogoa has been on my radar for a while. It's  hard to describe.  The object is to get Your Man, the boy/young man/old man to gather 5 pieces of fruit.
 Your screen will have usually 4 picture windows.  Sometimes fewer.  The windows can move around, zoomed in/out. Most importantly, they can be aligned in a way so that Your Man can travel from 1 window to another.
 The artwork is fantastic.  The puzzles: not exceptionally hard, but very satisfying.
The story: for you to interpret. What do you see in the images and how does it relate to Your Man.  While others might say it's the strongest element of this game, I found it to be incomplete.

If you're buying the latest, biggest ipad, treat yourself to this game. Don't rush through it.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dotstep Minimal Puzzle by Joao Trintin FREE

Dotstep Minimal Puzzle comes from Joao Trintin.  The object is to trace a path from the start point, through all of the other points and then to the final spot.
The first & second images show circles with crosses.  Those are rebounders. They can, and often will be passed over multiple times.

Dotstep Minimal has 30 levels.  I did them all in about 25 minutes.  Not too hard. 

On a side note, I've been thinking about these 'minimalist' puzzles.  They don't explain the rules. And they're calming.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Word Plus + by Hien Mai FREE

Word Plus + comes from Hien Mai. The object is to make 2 words that go together.  Letters can swap across and up/down.  The blue letters cannot move up/down.

Cute game. Fun.  I've done about 25 rounds.  The graphics are highly polished.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Cube Planet by NaraENC FREE

Cube Planet comes from NaraENC.  The object is to rotate the cubes and spot the differences, while also collecting gold coins.
 The game starts with 2x2 cubes and quickly graduates to 3x3s.
 The graphics are fantastic.
But this is not exactly up my alley.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

CMYK. by Seth S. Scott FREE

CMYK. comes from Seth S. Scott. It's a speed/dexterity point scoring game.  Horizontal lines stream downwards. Your task is to shoot them off the screen before they reach the bottom.
White lines must be zapped with each of the 4 colors.  If an error is made, all the lines advance down a notch.

Over 5000 are on the Leader Board for this game.  I've played this about 5 times.  My high score is 118, which ranks me around 1200.  The #1 position holder: he/she scored over 10,000.

This game is fun.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Zero21 Solitaire by CoPilot Games FREE

Zero21 Solitaire comes from CoPilot Games. It's a solitaire game where the objective is to get through the entire deck without Your Green Pile going over 20 or under 1.
This game takes about 5 seconds to learn.  Some cards have arrows.  An up arrow zooms your Green Pile to 20. Down arrows plummets it to 1.  The card with two arrows will send you to the midpoint, 10.
I've solved about 35 levels.  Fun & fast.  But ultimately, not a keeper.  I do like the graphics a lot.  And each level has a different configuration of card piles.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fill In by GalacticThumb FREE

Fill In comes from GalacticThumb.  The object is to get Your Man to traverse over all of the squares.  It's okay to backtrack many times.
A much better, similar, game is Mortal Coil.   I did 180 levels of Fill In in about 1 hour. It's just too easy.

Worse: I think some of the puzzles in the early levels get repeated.  No idea how many levels there are.

Other games by Galactic Thumb