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Friday, March 11, 2022

Bikit by Leon Keeley FREE

Bikit is an outstanding puzzle app from Leon Keeley. It's minimalist, which means the rules are not explained.

The object is to get the blue & green circles to their targets.  Look at the 2nd image.  You need to find 4 points that make a rectangle.  Connect them all at once and all of the circles will shift 1 space along the rectangle.

There are 35 levels. The first hard ones are 10 & 11. 25 took me about 25 tries!

Bikit has a 'I get the idea right away' feel to it.  But gradually, you start to realize that certain actions will lead to dead ends.

Yo Leon: I solved all the levels. Then I paid $.99.  Can't wait for your next game.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Tom, thanks for your kind review! This is my first game and it's been a real labour of love getting it ready. Reading your review genuinely made my day!

    Just a note: I released an update yesterday that, among other things, tweaks the level order a bit for a smoother learning curve.

    Hopefully this game is just the first of many, so watch this space!