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Monday, March 14, 2022

Strange Case: The Alchemist FREE


I don't know who Labeledman is but he's made an interesting game called Strange Case: The Alchemist. 

You are a detective and your mission is to find clues, pick up tools and of course solve puzzles.

It's not a very long game.  Maybe 4 hours.
Look at image #3 with the crazy man locked up.  I was predicting, based on the unused shackles in another room, that I would have to drag him out of the cell and hook him up to the shackles and then pull one of his teeth.  Alas, getting a tooth from him was much easier.
Overall, it's a fun game. It's free. No ads. Well, I did pay $2 to get rid of the ads.

I look forward to other games from Labeledman.

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