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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Not Not - A Brain Buster by Alternative Shift FREE

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Not Not - A Brain Buster is by Alternative Shift. It's a game that simultaneously tests your logic and your reflexes.
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Your Man is standing on top of the black cube. You have about 2 seconds to swipe him to another face. 'Not Left' means you can go anywhere except Left.  'Not Not Right' means you must go Right.

Challenge Packs come in groups of 30 or 40 sets of instructions.

The graphics are stellar. The game is fun. The bonus: it's good for your brain. I've said it before: we should all be playing these types of games to help ward of Alzheimer's.

Alternative Shift has a sense of humor:
Alt Shift is not responsible for any of the following consequences triggered by a not not game session:
  • Mobile damages due to a drop or any other violent contact or hard surfaces, including, but not limited to, tables, walls, floors, ceilings, the bottom of your foot when you stomp on it while screaming in frustration, or friends’ faces.
  • Loss of mobile resulting from throwing it, intentionally or not, out of windows, into the ocean, garbage dumps, the fiery pits of hell where you might think it comes from, or at friends’ faces.
  • Social isolation, episodes of hysterical crying, and/or nervous breakdowns.
The Endless Mode tests your reflexes and that's the only category that has a Leaderboard.  There are some 150,000 people who have played this.  My top score is 102 which places me somewhere around 300.

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