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Monday, May 15, 2017

AuroraBound by Daniel O'Byrne FREE

AuroraBound Screenshot Portrait 1  AuroraBound Screenshot Portrait 2
Daniel O'Byrne recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game AuroraBound. The visuals as you can see, are stunning.
AuroraBound Screenshot Portrait 3  AuroraBound Screenshot Portrait 4
It's an edge-matching puzzle. The object is to place the tiles into the blank spaces of the grid so their edges match their neighbors.  Some tiles can be rotated.

I've done a lot of edge-matching puzzles of all types. Some were hexagonal.  Unquestionably AuroraBound is the most attractive and colorful.

There are thousands of levels.  I've done the first 10 'worlds' which comes out between 50 - 70 levels.

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