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Monday, December 11, 2017

DropPocket FV by miho ito FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1
DropPocket FV comes from miho ito. The object is to fill up all the spaces with tiles from the piles that have numbers on them. Slide them vertically/horizontally.

I think the directions from the App Store came from a translator.
It is a game that buries six stroke packing under all ditches. 
Packing begins to move by the automatic operation in that direction when the slide is done. 
The direction is changed, and packing jumps when it passes the sign. 
The figure of packing is a number of packing. The ditch is sequentially buried only in the number of figures by packing in the operation of one degree. 
If packing goes out outside the room or it undertakes the packing that cannot be passed, it becomes a re-doing. 
To collect the packing moved once, it ..packing of "0".. touches. 
The kind of the game is increased at any time, and look forward, please.
iPhone Screenshot 2
The first 30 puzzles go very fast.  Then some interesting elements are added. Curved arrows change direction. The 'go back' arrow sends you in reverse.

Look at the first image.  See the tile with the red symbol. It's surrounded by 1's on the left/right/bottom. If the 1 at the bottom passes over it going up, it will be enabled to pass over the tile with a 1 on it. Normally, this would be an illegal move.

Zhed is similar.

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