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Monday, December 4, 2017

Cube Escape: The Cave FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1
I've been a fan of the Rusty Lake people for a while now.  See the list below of their games that I've played. The artwork is good. The puzzles are generally fun. And there's usually a creepy element.
iPhone Screenshot 2
Cube Escape: The Cave continues the horror-story/puzzle-room experience.
iPhone Screenshot 3
Bonus Points: See the man in the Fedora hat? He's been a fixture in these puzzles: always give him a drink. Or two!  I'm not sure if he's been in every Rusty Lake game. He should be though.
iPhone Screenshot 4
Demerit Points: the puzzle with the key is the same as in The Mill. A mold of the key is given and you must pour molten ore to make a copy.
iPhone Screenshot 5
Weird: in the submarine portion of this game, I was fiddling with the controls at random and moved the sub to a spot that led to my skipping a whole section.

The Cave is an okay game. Not nearly as good as Seasons, which is their masterpiece. What's definitely missing is one of those 'what the hell is going on?!' moments like the ones in Birthday and Arles.

Sometimes it's okay to consult a video walkthrough!  Part I  Part II

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