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Friday, September 21, 2012

Casland Games: mechanical puzzle review

Casland Games has produced two terrific sequential movement bead puzzles.

Many years ago I got the Hungarian Rings, which I believe was the first bead sliding puzzle. Fun. Rubik's Rings was identical but incorporated a twist so that the rings, instead of being flat, were almost perpendicular. Essentially the same puzzle.

One of my favorites of this genre is The Orb. Great mechanism.

Enough history.

I just got Casland Games' 3 intersecting rings. It consists of 3 colors and some clear beads that must settle in the middle. First of all, the puzzle is big. The beads are big. They slide perfectly. 

I have the version of 3 intersecting rings. I've solved it several times.

I'll write more about this next Friday.

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