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Monday, July 15, 2019

100² Logic Games-More puzzles by Andrea Sabbatini

 If you only had time to download and play 1 game this year, 100² Logic Games-More puzzles  by Andrea Sabbatini  would probably be it. There are 50 new games and each one has 200 levels.
I really like the game called Planets (see first image.) Each row and column must have a sun and also a cloud to block the sun.  Of those 200 levels, I've solved about 75.

However: at least 10 levels of this game had multiple solutions. But the program only recognizes one.

This game is a nice variation on Akari from 2012.

Please read the comments section for a correction on my end.

Andrea: fantastic job!

Also by Andrea:
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Park Seasons


  1. Which levels do you think had multiple solutions? Andrea guarantees that there is only one valid solution per puzzle, I wonder if you missed a rule somewhere?

  2. Puzzler: subsequent to your comment, I went back to Planets. I didn't redo any of the levels that I had solved. But I did about 50 more levels in the harder regions. I found not one that had multiple solutions. So I believe you are correct: I must have made a mistake. Thanks for pointing that out.