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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Polygon Flips by Leonel R Robert

Leonel R Robert recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Polygon Flips. The object is to tap the space in between 2 polygons - make them flip and get the overall pattern to match the one in the upper right hand corner.
I wasn't able to download this on my ipad.  But did get it on my phone. (I generally don't play games on my phone because the screen is too small.

Polygon Flips has 33 levels and is actually a very cool little game.
Some thoughts:
1. Is it possible to get all the polygons correct except for 1?  Yes!  But what's the algorithm for fixing it? (I think I've got it.)
2. Level 9 has squares with triangles. How does that change the algorithm?

At the moment, I've only completed 10 levels!

Polygon Flips is quite a serious puzzle game.  The game that is most similar that comes to mind is turn, which came out last year.

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