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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

100×3 Logic Games by Andrea Sabbatini FREE

100×3 Logic Games comes from Andrea Sabbatini.  Once again produced a puzzle app that contains multiple puzzle genres.  This one has 14 games. 

At the moment, I am positively in love with the game called Picnic. See last image.
The concept of picnic: at the start there are picnic baskets. Each has a number on it. That number indicates where the blanket must be place.  Naturally, blankets cannot be vertically/horizontally adjacent to another. And no area of the lawn can be isolated from any other part of the lawn. 

I've spent about 2 hours on solving maybe 60 levels out of 300.  Did I mention that each game has 300 levels?

Andrea: you've hit another home run.

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  1. Unfortunately, Andrea uses very uncommon names for the puzzles. I have compiles a cross referencs to common names and original authors. Are you interested? (Excel sheet). If so, please send me a mail: otto (a t)