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Friday, December 27, 2019

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game by Andrea Sabbatini FREE

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game comes from Andrea Sabbatini. Andrea has a long history of publishing very good puzzle apps.

In this game, the object is to place 1 tree in each park, each row and each column.

On the harder levels, each park, row & column will have 2 trees. This concept was expertly done in Twin Beams from 2012. Sadly, that game is no longer available (But it's still on my ipad!)

Parks Landscapes has 1000 new levels spread out over different landscapes.  I prefer the desert landscape.

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  1. This puzzle genre is identical to Star Battle, which was invented by Hans Eendebak for the world puzzle championships in 2003 (based on an idea of Tim Peeters). See also

    1. Thanks for that history! Credit should always be given to the original designer.