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Friday, April 17, 2020

Cubether Lead the cubes to solution by Michal Barszczewski $1.99

 Cubether Lead the cubes to solution comes from Michal Barszczewski.  I stumbled on his game on twitter:  and was immediately intrigued.
 Cubether is a 'minimalist' game. This moniker has become fashionable among very good puzzle app designers.  Essentially: play the levels and discover how the pieces move.
The object is to get the green pieces to merge and then get home. Green can only travel up/down.
The blues pieces can only move horizontally.
The orange pieces can move up/down & right/left. 
The pink moves diagonally only.
The key thing is that pieces can swap. A green, which is above a pink, can swap down.

Cubether is smart, sophisticated and pretty hard.  

Michal: your game is a home run!

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