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Friday, November 15, 2019

NABOKI by Maciej Targoni $.99

NABOKI comes from Maciej Targoni.  I'm a longtime fan of Maciej. Scroll to the bottom to see my reviews of his other games.
 Maciej is one of those handful of Puzzle App Designers who specialize in 'minimalist' games.  I've never seen an actual definition of this term as it relates to puzzle apps. Essentially: the game does not explain the rules or mechanics. It's all intuitive. (Michal Pawlowski is another prominent minimalist puzzle designer.)
 NABOKI is a series of 3D jigsaw puzzles that must be taken apart in the correct sequence.
 here are many elements that must be mastered and toyed with. What's most impressive is the ability to rotate the entire figure. Simply put, the graphics are outstanding.
I'm not sure how many levels there are. I did struggle on some.  I'm guessing it took about 1.5-2 hours to complete.  Perfect game to play when you're talking to somebody on the phone.

Other games from Maciej that you must download.
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