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Thursday, November 14, 2019

MeiLong Polaris Cube $14.00

MeiLong Polaris Cube StickerlessMeiLong Polaris Cube Stickerless
The MeiLong Polaris Cube is a variation on the old and famous Skewb Puzzle.

In order to turn the cube, all the corners need to be rotated 120 degrees.  This will then align the axes and the puzzle will then turn like a skewb
I've solved this puzzle 3 times so far.  I bought my first Skewb around 1995.  It's one of the easiest twisty puzzles to solve.  I made up my own algorithms to discover which ones were useful.

I'm using those same algorithms on this puzzle. But this one has those little pieces which make it interesting.

The quality of the manufacturing is stellar.

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