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Monday, July 2, 2018

maze cube gravity by Adem KAYIRCI $.99

maze cube gravity comes from Adem KAYIRCI. The object is to get the red cube to the target. Each time the maze is tilted clockwise, the gray segments fall all the way down.
 It's not terribly hard. But there's an element that's very important for some levels: once you swipe the red cube on its way, it won't stop until it reaches an intersection or a square region that is bordered by a white line and a gray line. It will stop in a region bordered by 3 white line segments.
Once you've done 10 levels, you've pretty much done them all.  The other 67 levels are more of the same. The grids get a bit larger. There are some traps to avoid: the 2x2 regions where Your Man will keep rotating in an endless circle. 

The last 10 levels were easy.  Definitely worth $.99.

cohex is another game from Adem which I really liked. I did finally complete all the levels of this too.

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