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Friday, July 13, 2018

logi. by ÇİZGİOFİSİ $.99

 logi. comes from ÇİZGİOFİSİ. At first, it seems like another laser/rolling ball, with mirrors/bumpers, maze puzzle. But it's much more and very cool.
The blue bumpers can be rotated.
The red bumpers can be rotated, but once the ball taps that bumper, it disappears.
The orange squares are basic walls. Unless there's an X inside. If that's the case, it will act as a red bumper after being hit.
The gear bumper rotates 90 degrees after it's hit.
The green bumpers are dotted on one side, solid on the other.  If the ball approaches on the dotted side, it will pass through as if there is no bumper.
The orange square with the double arrow: when it's hit, will advance 1 space in the direction of the arrow.

There are 70 levels, at the moment.  I've done all 70.  Not impossibly hard. But definitely tricky clever.

Great graphics. Great job.

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