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Monday, July 20, 2020

Bambubbled by Parker Crist FREE

Do you remember ColorTrek from 2016? It was a color maze game that started out very simply and quickly became incredible complicated. Unfortunately, it seems to be no longer available. Bambubbled from Parker Crist is very similar but different.
 The goal is to move Your Man, the bubble, to the star. Below the grid you will notice either 2 or 3 rectangles. Those rectangles will fill up with the colors that you acquire by landing on the squares with dots. If your rectangles are red and blue, that means you can land on red and blue squares.  However, the rectangle colors keep changing as you land on new dots.
Bambubbled has 100 free levels and 6000 additional levels for $1.99.  I'm paid up!  I've been doing the 3x3 expert levels. In the 100+ levels that I've done, the number of steps is between 13 & 16.  Some of them: I thought they were impossible.

Parker: keep up the great work.

Logisquares is Parker's very good puzzle app from 2013. It's no longer available.

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