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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lonely Line Puzzle by Marcelo Pars FREE

 My puzzle friend Marcelo Pars has come out with Lonely Line Puzzle. The title is a bit sad, but the puzzles are interesting.  The object is to rotate the hexagons and pentagons to form one continuous loop.
Marcelo has explored this genre in depth. See the list of his other games below. What's particularly interesting in this game is that I don't recall another game using hexagons and pentagons. Also, some of the loops have two different strings to connect.

'Only 32 puzzle pieces give 892.616.806.656. combinations.' Fortunately, each level has 3 free hints. 

There are 100 levels.  I've solved about 6 levels. They are not easy. However, this game is so much easier than his last game One Line Weekly.

Keep up the good work Marcelo!

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