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Monday, January 14, 2019

Glowing Balls - a ripoff

Do you remember the game Leapin' Lizards from Binary Arts (now known as ThinkFun)?

Glowing Balls by Saud Ahmed is an exact copy of this game.  Not surprisingly, it has exactly 40 levels.


1. Leapin' Lizards is no longer available. But you can play a free version of this via Glowing Balls.
2. Is Saud Ahmed going to pay Larry Nichols royalties?

Poor Larry Nichols invented a 2x2x2 version of a twisty puzzle. Erno Rubik later invented a 3x3x3 version.  Nichols sued and lost. 

There's no way Nichols will sue Saud Ahmed. Primarily because Saud Ahmed is not going to make any money off his game.  He's only making money from ads.  Which won't amount to much.

See for yourself:

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