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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ねこねだり 〜脳トレ推理パズル〜 Free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2

According to Google Translate, the title of this game is
Nekonedari ~ brain training reasoning puzzle

The objective is to make each cat happy. Each cat has a specific need: to be next to the bowl or the climbing contraption or to be next to a specific cat.  Some cats have no needs and can be placed anywhere.
What I'd like to change: I wish the cats did not start on the grid. It would be better to have a blank grid with all the cats on the side.
There are 100 levels, I've done about 40.
This game reminds me of Chocolate Fix.

LogicCity for Schools is similar.
Partyrs is also similar, though I have not played that. (Thanks to @efeprat for that tip.)

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