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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Grot Puzzle - free point scoring puzzle app

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Description from the App Store
Grot is a fast and simple puzzle game. Practice your logical thinking skills by trying to get the highest point value possible. Play multiple rounds and keep improving your score every time! There is almost an infinite number of solutions, so you’ll never get bored. Suitable for minds of any age.

Rules of the game:
- tap any field to start chain reaction - fields will move one by one in direction shown by arrows,
- make the most valuable chains possible,
- longer chains give bonus moves,
- clear all fields in a row or in a column to get extra points,
- different colours give different points.

Collect as many points as possible. Complete epic achievements. Hit the highest score!

Tom's thoughts:
1. The scoring system is very unclear. Some colors yield more points than other colors.
2. Bonus moves are awarded. Again, no idea how and why this occurs.
3. When arrows are eliminated, all the other arrows fall down to fill the space and new random arrows fill out the top.
4. Grot Puzzle has potential, unfortunately, the 4x4 grid, in my opinion, is just too small.
5. Only 98 players are on the Leaderboard. I'm #52 at 572 points.

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