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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baffles Classic Puzzles

The gentlemen at Baffles the Fox contacted me about a month ago about their new compendium of puzzles: Baffles Classic Puzzles.
It's a collection of old puzzles from Sam Loyd and other sources. It includes lots of modern puzzles too.
Let's pause here. If you don't own this book by Sam Loyd, you simply must.  Loyd was America's first great puzzler. For each puzzle he created a story with a charming drawing.
Back to Baffles Classic Puzzles: there is historical information about each puzzle. These guys know their puzzle history!
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 5
The graphics are terrific.
My only complaint is that to advance, one must either be perfect at solving these puzzles, in order to collect chickens (points) or watch a lot of ads to add more chickens. At the moment I'm thinking of a certain dexterity puzzle that I think is impossible to solve at the minimum speed. But dexterity's never been my primary skill.
iPhone Screenshot 2
The modern puzzles include some good relatively new Lateral Thinking Puzzles.

Baffles Classic Puzzles is definitely a fine introduction to the general World of Puzzles

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