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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Array Puzzler

iPhone Screenshot 3
Loyal Blog Follower @edderiofer recently pointed out Array: Puzzler.
Array: Puzzler is very similar to an old game LogiSquares, which I really liked.

The objective is to place tiles in the lower half of the grid to match the pattern on the top. Keep in mind that when you place a tile anywhere, it's a 1. When you place another tile next to it, the old tile now becomes a 2.  There are 135 of these levels and I've done about 40 of them, including the last 10.  If you've already done LogiSquares, all of these will be easy.

iPhone Screenshot 4

The Hexagonal version is more interesting. Again, there are 135 levels and I was not able to just jump to the end. Needed to get my feet wet on the easier levels. The easy levels are very easy and I flew by them.  The harder levels: every cell on the board is filled. The tricky part is figuring out which 1's are actually 1's or really 7's.  Weirdly, after level 95 or so, they get really easy again.
I completed all 135 levels, but would have like to have seen more levels with full boards.

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