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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Favo! by Shumpei Hayashi FREE

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Shumpei Hayashi recently contacted me about his new game Favo!  I liked his two previous games. See links below.  The object is Favo! is to score points by merging colored tiles.
Screenshot Image Screenshot Image
This concept is not exactly new. Merged! immediately came to mind.

Things are very different with Favo!
1. Merging a tile that combines 3 colors gets 4 times as many points.
2.  Very Important: when you've scored enough blue tiles, you will be issued a 'blue unification merger tile' (my phrase) that will enable you to consolidate all your blues and make room for more tiles.  The same goes for red and green.
3.  When your board has no room for new pieces, you are entitled to 3 sweeps that will consolidate all the colors at once.  However, these sweeps will cost you stars.

How do you earn stars?
1. By scoring high on previous games.
2. Watching ads.
3. By buying them.

Seriously, this game is great.  My high score is 35,000 which places me in the top 10 players.

Note to Shumpmei:

1. Great job.
2. You have listed 5 or 6 ways for players to spend money. Maybe this is very successful.  If it is not, I would change this to one small price of $.99  to eliminate the ads and to always allow the player to get 3 sweeps.

Note to everybody else:
1. There has been a significant decrease in the number of puzzle apps being published.  It's because players are not spending money.  Really: $1 or $2 is reasonable. Don't be cheap.

2. This blog has been on vacation most of the summer.  Back in full swing right after Labor Day.

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  1. G’day Tom!

    I agree 100% re your “don’t be cheap” comment. In the vast majority of cases, people are doing this sort of thing (ie making the good puzzles) because (a) they like it, and (b) they can see the possibility of getting their costs covered by selling them. To me; it is these people we want to encourage, otherwise we will end up with an (increasing) avalanche of “match 3” games as the available puzzles.

    I have a few suggestions/comments for developers. As someone who plays and downloads quite a few puzzles, this is th opinion from my side of the fence. Take it or leave it :-)

    1) If I have to see ads before I get to see the mechanics of the game, then it gets deleted straight away. I understand that ads give revenue, but in my view, if a game is free to download, then the downloader should be able to see what the game is like before the ads start rolling.

    2) I have no idea what revenue from ads is like, but I would far prefer to pay for a game without ads than be disturbed by them all the time. I would actually be interested to hear how much ads actually contribute as regards revenue. But if a game disturbs me with an ad in the middle of a level, when I am trying to work something out, it gets deleted.

    3) I will happily pay for quality. There are certain developers whose games I buy as soon as they arrive, because they have proved themselves (in my opinion... :-) ). Which leads to a suggestion... Particularly for new developers, I would recommend the model of free download, then unlocking the full version for a fee. That way, (a) I can (and do!!!) reward what I think is a good puzzle, and (b) I am more inclined to try new puzzles that I am unsure about...

    Just a thought...


    Best wishes,


  2. P.S. I forgot something... please please please, no matter how good you soundtrack and/or sound effects are, please include an option to turn the sound off... Just a little thing, but it makes a big difference for me... I very, very rarely listen to sound in a game.

  3. Tom,

    You've really written the article!
    I'm very happy to read it.

    I will create more good puzzle someday!

    Have a good summer vacation!