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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Snake VS Block by Voodoo FREE

 Snake VS Block comes from Voodoo. The object is to get your string of circles to increase while minimizing how many circles you lose as your snake crashes through the blocks.
 I saw somebody playing this game on the subway recently.  Looked fun, but hard. Fast reflexes and quick assessing are constant.
Voodoo has come out with a lot of similar games.  I like this one, but it's not the only dexterity game out there.

Other good dexterity games that I've reviewed over the years.

Brain Rush
Make Them Fall
Line Rush
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Swipe Dash
Stop Crows
Don't Click Me
One, Two, Three
1 to 25 Number Challenge
Acuity Games
Slide to Unlock
Pinball Sniper
Pop the Lock
2 Cars

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