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Thursday, September 6, 2018

LVL by Ertan Unver $1.99

 LVL comes from Ertan Unver.  The App Store Gods highlighted it as a great puzzle.  Essentially, LVL is a packing puzzle.
Each cube has 6 faces that contain some rectangular-odd shapes.  The yellow shapes on one face must pack into the square perfectly with the yellow shapes on the OPPOSITE FACE.  So there's lots of spinning the cube around and around to synchronize the top/bottom as one puzzle, the left/right faces as another puzzle, and the front/back as still another puzzle.

The graphics are outstanding.  There are 50 levels, which really means that there are 150 puzzles.

At the moment I've done about 25 levels. But I do not love this game mainly because I've never been a big fan of packing puzzles.

Very Interesting: Some individual faces are a puzzle within a puzzle. You might know exactly how to position the pieces to match the opposite side. However, shunting those pieces just on that one side can be quite challenging.

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