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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Merge World: 3D Idle Game by Virede FREE

 Merge World: 3D Idle Game  comes from Virede. I've been playing the Animal World mode of this game for more several hours. The object is to merge twins to get to the next animal level.
 I completed all 48 levels, which shows a commitment of time, not necessarily skill.
This game is terrible. Why?  Because it's impossible to lose.  I thought that the game would end if the board filled up before combinations could be made.  I tried to lose, to end my suffering. Instead, I kept going, wondering what the next animal would be. And why all the animals are drawn as rectangular shapes. 2 of the animals, different deer species looked exactly alike. Ridiculous. Well, with a magnifying glass I noticed that the ears and nose were slightly different.

Animals appear every 5 seconds. Sometimes they're wrapped in gift boxes.  Those gift boxes always come with an option to upgrade. Either pay some real money, or watch a stupid ad to advance in this dumb game.

Truly, this is for kids. When I finished, I deleted it.

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