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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Mislead by Anthony Hilkmann $1.99

 Anthony Hilkmann contacted me a couple of months ago about his new game Mislead.  It's essentially a maze game. But it's deceptively so.
The object is to get Your Man, Bu, the Green Blob, to the big blue dot.

Look at the 4th image.  See the arrows? Bu will need to take 10 moves to reach the goal.  His first step will be down, then left, etc.  Before each move, you must eliminate one element from the board.
1. The yellow squares are simply walls.
2. The red spikes will kill Bu.
3.The purple circles are wormholes.

Very Interesting New Concepts:
4. The purple things have re-bounders. Hitting one of them will send Bu back 1 space away from itself.
5. The tilted yellow squares have tiny red arrows along its perimeters.  When Bu crashes into them, he's directed to the next column or row.

There are 84 levels and at the moment I've done about 60. (Update: I've done all 84 levels.) I like puzzles where I can solve all the levels in a couple of days.  83 & 84 were obviously the most cleverly designed.

The graphics are good.

What could be better.
1. Bu moves too slowly. Maybe I'm impatient.
2. There should be a leaderboard.
3. The price is too high. People don't think twice about spending $5 for a cup of coffee that takes 10 minutes to drink. But they balk at paying more than $1 for a game that's fun and will take 2 - 3 hours to play.

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