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Friday, September 28, 2018

the Sequence [2] by Maxim Urusov $1.99

the Sequence [2]  comes from Maxim Urusov. Max has a history of producing very hard logic games. See list below.
The object in this game is to place various tools on the grid to get the red circle to the target 5 times.
1. The tools are push, pull and rotate.
2. The sequence is vital.
3. The orientation of the red circles is important when the rotation tools are needed, simply getting the circles to their targets is not enough; the circles must be rotated the correct # of degrees.
4. Very very important: some solutions require that one tool moves another tool. These particular puzzles are fantastic.
5. On/Off tools.  Tools can be programmed to run 'all the time', or 'On, then Off', or Off, then On'.
6. Points are awarded on the Leaderboard depending on how efficient one's solutions are.  But this is never explained clearly.

At the moment, I'm stuck on level 31 which I've tried at least 10 times.

The graphics are not attractive. Black/gray/red/white: needs to be brightened up.  Casual puzzlers will be intimidated very quickly.

Max, this game is another winner!  I think more numerous easy levels should be included to draw in more novice puzzlers.

Max's other games
The Sequence
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Perfect Paths is not from Max. But is extremely hard in a similar way.

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