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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Reigns by Devolver Digital $2.99

 Reigns comes from Devolver Digital. The App Store Editors have had it listed in their 'Games We Love' section for a while. Unquestionably, this is a weird game/puzzle.  The object is to stay alive as long as possible by balancing the 4 powers at the top of each screen: the church, the people, your power, and your money.  If any of these gets to zero or gets completely filled, your Reign is over.
Cards are revealed one at a time. For each card, you have 2 choices. Sometimes they will affect 1, 2, 3, or even all 4 powers. Not always predictable. For example: is borrowing money at 5% good or bad for the kingdom's finances?

On the leaderboard, there are over 900,000 players, which means the producers have made a boatload of money!  Also, the top scorer has lived 666 years.  My guess: that player has played this game a hundred times and recorded the outcome of each card TWICE (because there are 2 options for each card). Then played it to perfection.

This is one game that may have actually consulted a History Major to incorporate all the weirdest scenarios that monarchs have faced over the centuries.

Graphics: not very good.  Consider the fact that there are so many artists who create their own Tarot Card decks with fantastic art.

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