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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ZeGame by Jesper van den Ende $2.99

iPhone Screenshot 1
ZeGame comes from Jesper van den Ende.  It's a 3-D maze puzzle app game.
iPhone Screenshot 2
The object is to get the green cube to the target, which is the light blue cube.
iPhone Screenshot 4
When you slide the green cube - in any direction - it must hit an obstacle. Same concept as Lunar Lockout, except the green cube is the only one that can travel.
iPhone Screenshot 5
The purple cubes are wormholes.  They require a lot of trial and error in order to determine which are the matching pairs.

Very cool: at any time, you can zoom in/out and rotate the perspective.

There are 140 levels. I've done 57.

After playing the Free version, I decided to buy the full one.

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