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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Smart Cookies from Foxmind $24.95

About 10 years ago I reviewed Fox Mind's Meta-Forms puzzle for Games Magazine. There is a similar game from ThinkFun known as Chocolate Fix. They are both logic games where the object is to place the colored shapes onto a 3x3 board with some clues thrown in.

Smart Cookies is the sequel to Meta-Forms.  The objectives are the same. However, the clues have become more sophisticated.

There are 64 levels.  I cruised through the first 32 in about 1 hour.  The next 18 were troublesome.  At times I thought: something's wrong or I need more clues.

The last 14 levels were even more difficult. Seems like 6 clues is just not enough! I was placing coins on the clues that I thought I was done with. Unfortunately, I had to start from scratch. But I persevered with every last one. Except for #64. I'm still working on that.

The very last level has many clues....but they're all about the color blue. Having completed 1-63, I was suddenly overwhelmed on 64.

Did I mention that the playing pieces are thick and bring on a certain food craving? They feel more like rubber than plastic.

Michel & Robert Lyons created the original Meta-Forms. Polina Sabinin Ed.D. has taken Smart Cookies to a more sophisticated level. Great job Polina!

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